Radix Wire & Cable Introduces Titan Product Family for Teeming Ladle Transfer Car Cables in Steel Plants

Cleveland, OH, December 01, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Radix Wire & Cable is pleased to announce the addition of the Titan family of industrial cable products, including the Titan S 200 and the Titan K 200, to its suite of high-temperature wire and cable solutions.

Created as a next-generation solution for teeming ladle transfer car cables in steel plants, Titan K and Titan S cables are optimally designed as multiple conductor control and power cables for use in high temperature applications ranging from -60⁰C to 200⁰C, continuous. Through a combination of physical construction and engineered materials, the Titan family offers superior resistance to abrasion, moisture, hot material spills, and mechanical abuse over alternative cable designs.

“Faced with increasing costs due to repeat cable failure and downtime, a leading steel producer was in critical need of a quality transfer car cable to withstand high temperatures, falling sparks, slag and molten steel for an extended period of time,” explains Sales Representative Brian Smith. “With our culture that loves a challenge, the Radix Wire & Cable team developed the high-heat-resistant Titan products as a custom solution to address the customers’ needs.” The new Titan cables have already greatly reduced the frequency of replacement and downtime at the steel facility, which translates to direct savings of over $8,000 and a reduction of over $67,000 in associated downtime costs on an annualized basis.

Radix has been the leader in high-temperature wire and cables since 1944 by specializing in designing and manufacturing products to meet the most challenging and severe environments. To learn more about Radix Wire & Cable’s Titan product family plus other wire and cable options, visit radix-wire.com or contact salesinfo@radix-wire.com.

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Radix is the leading manufacturer of UL, CSA and factory‐rated electrical wire and cable for high performance, extreme temperature applications. The company’s product portfolio consists of unique wire and cable products with temperature ratings from 150°C to 1,000°C and voltage ratings from 300V to 40kV. Radix products are used by original equipment manufacturers in a variety of consumer, commercial, and industrial applications.
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