New Article from Docusearch: 3 Big Benefits of a Docusearch Background Check

Boise, ID, December 14, 2021 --( From time to time, it might be necessary for companies or landlords to perform a background check on a specific person when they want to hire a new employee or when looking for a tenant for a rental property.

In other cases, these background checks might be necessary when people want to enter into a business relationship with others while some people might prefer to do a background check on themselves to correct any errors or inaccuracies on the information available about them.

Irrespective of the reason, the problem is that there are so many services available that offer background searches, it might be challenging to find the right one. What further complicates the problem is that many services offer so-called free background checks, but end up luring unsuspecting members of the public into signing up for a subscription service that they don’t need.

For this reason, and to provide some deeper insights into what to look out for when considering a background search provider, Docusearch has published an article that outlines the key considerations and the benefits of a Docusearch Background check..

What Information Does a Background Check Provide?

Typically, when doing a background check, the information provided will vary based on the specific type of search. For example, all Docusearch background searches include detailed information about a persons:

• Address history. All Docusearch background searches provide detailed information regarding a person’s address history which is sourced from all the major credit bureaus.
• National criminal convictions. All Docusearch background searches include detailed information about a person’s national criminal convictions including traffic violations and information from the National Terrorist Watchlist and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Docusearch sources this information from the National Criminal Repository.
• Bankruptcies. All Docusearch background checks also include information about bankruptcies which it sources from the Federal Bankruptcies Districts.

In addition to the above information, Docusearch’s employee background checks also provide social security number validation and identity verification. Likewise, Docusearch’s tenant background checks provide all the information above and information about previous evictions, landlord actions, and recorded liens and judgments.

Finally, Docusearch’s comprehensive background checks provide the most details and include far more information compared to the searches mentioned above.

The problem is, the information above specifically refers to Docusearch’s background checks and the information they provide. This means that consumers aren’t guaranteed that they will get the same information when they make use of other providers.

What About Subscription Services?

More worryingly, however, is the plethora of online services that promise free and instant background checks. The simple reality is that there’s no such thing as a free or instant background check. These promises are merely marketing tactics these providers use to convince consumers to sign up for their subscription service.

In respect of these providers, Docusearch states that, “They make you think that you’ll get information for free, but their business model is to lure you in with the promise of free information in order for you to subscribe to their service. In other words, they want you to pay for a hefty monthly subscription that you’ll hardly ever use again and that you’ll need to jump through hoops to cancel.”

According to Docusearch, the fact that these providers convince consumers to sign up for a subscription service is only one part of the problem. The other, more significant, problem with these providers is the quality of the information they provide to consumers.

These providers typically store information in their databases which are seldomly updated. This means that the information they provide will more than likely be outdated and, in some cases, not even relate to the person the background search is performed on.

The end result is that consumers will then be provided with information that doesn’t have any value and can hardly be used to make important decisions like those when hiring a new employee or allowing a tenant to rent a property.

Is There a Solution?

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, and Docusearch provides some tips consumers can use to identify and avoid these providers. These tips include:

• Looking for contact details on the provider’s website. If there are none, it’s more than likely a subscription service or a scam.

• Considering what the provider offers. If the provider offers instant results, this is often an excellent indicator that it might be a subscription service. Moreover, if they promise to provide information that isn’t freely available or even illegal, it’s also a good indication that it might be a scam.
• User reviews. The lack of any true, honest user reviews on the provider’s website might also be a warning sign that shouldn’t be ignored. For example, Dosusearch has hundreds of user reviews available on its site.
• Finally, it’s crucial that consumers read the fine print on the provider’s website. This will often be the best indication that the specific provider is a subscription service or a scam. It’s often in the fine print where the provider will provide more details about its pricing structure and the quality of the information available.

The best solution, however, is to use the services of a reputable and licensed private investigator like Docusearch from the outset.

According to Docusearch, “Ultimately, the only effective way to avoid falling prey to a subscription service or other scam website is to use a reputable, private investigator. This is because, as mentioned above, license private investigators have access to information that subscription services simply don’t.”

The result of using a licensed private investigator is that consumers will get accurate and up-to-date information without paying an exorbitant monthly subscription that’s challenging to cancel. And while not instant, quality results are worth the wait.

And that’s where Docusearch comes in. They offer accuracy and speed that are unparalleled in the industry, all at a price consumers can afford. To get more insights about Docusearch’s background searches, its benefits, and other considerations relating to background checks, the article is available to read here: 3 Big Benefits of a Docusearch Background Check
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