GlacialPower Launches GP-CVP100P LED Constant Voltage Driver Series Which Focus on the Low Voltage Applications

Taipei, Taiwan, December 16, 2021 --( GlacialPower, the power division of the LED technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc, announces the new GP-CVP100P Terminal Blocks series LED constant voltage driver. At full load the GP-CVP100P provides an active power factor correction (PFC) which greater than 0.98 at 115Vac, and more than 0.95 at 230Vac. It has low no-load power consumption under 0.5 watt and a fast set-up time under 0.5 second at 230Vac. The GP-CVP100P series provides 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V DC output options. It is the perfect solution for low voltage applications, especially for LED illuminated signage, light boxes, LED neon flex, LED strips, DC input lights and 48V track lights. Supply systems have the application areas in lighting, construction, furniture finishing, advertising, electronics industry and for retail customers.

The GP-CVP100P series supports universal AC input between 90 and 264 Vac. It includes protections of over current protection (OCP), short circuit protection (SCP), over temperature protection (OTP) and over voltage protection (OVP) to prevent the product’s damage and ensure the quality. The fully isolated case design enables an operation temperature range of -20°C to 50°C makes the LED driver can be used in most environments. Its power efficiency is up to 90%. The GP-CVP100P series fully complies with ErP (EU) 2019/2020 regulations to reduce the product’s impact on the environment to improve sustainability.

* AC input range from 90 to 264Vac.
* Constant voltage mode.
* Active PFC design.
* Safety protections include OVP, OCP, SCP and OTP.
* High efficiency up to 90 %.
* No-load power consumption < 0.5W at 230Vac.
* Set up time < 0.5S at 230Vac.
* Compliant with ErP (EU) 2019/2020.
* Compliant with CE certificate by LED driver product segment.
* Appropriate for LED strip, signage, neon flex and 48V track light applications.
* Withstand 300Vac surge input for 5 seconds.
GlacialTech Inc.
Erin Huang