eWorldTrade: Leading B2B Marketplace with 1M+ Traders is Now Mobile and Continually Expanding the Current Network

eWorldTrade.com launches a next-generation experience for Buyers and Sellers across the globe with its new eWorldTrade App available for both Android and iOS Users.

Dallas, TX, January 11, 2022 --(PR.com)-- In the 3rd quarter of 2021, the platform celebrated over a million users followed by the announcement of a new, updated mobile application. Traders aboard the platform have since awaited the Release and found the update to be more than satisfactory. In addition to a robust portal, the new mobile application demonstrates company’s continued mission in building an advanced, and prolific experience for both old and new users.

eWorldTrade.com is a prominent platform for B2B users and stands amongst top 5 marketplaces globally for buyers, sellers, distributors, wholesales as well as manufacturers. With services in nearly 195 countries worldwide, across 10,000 niche markets served on an everyday basis, the platform serves as a reliable, and secure gateway for businesses looking to escalate and attract the right kind of limelight.

The marketplace comes with a line of facilities and offerings that sets it ahead in the race and the app in-question is no different. The Goldilocks zone between stuffing the application with features and providing the users feasibility is just one of the many reasons, why B2B users are slowly and gradually opting to work with eWorldTrade as opposed to competition.

“This next-generation update for the app is to create an open, accessible, and reliable bridge between businesses around the world. With a streamlined and attractive interface, the app powers global trade while giving the user full control. We are excited to see what our customers can make of it and juice out its full potential,” shared the company’s Head of Engineering.

The app is built to offer a powerful, user-focused experience and enables sourcing from anywhere on the planet. Especially for previously untapped regions with much to offer but no means to showcase their products and/or services.

The company says, “We were surely not the first but we established the platform to raise the bar from day 01 and how B2B users interact in a way never-before-seen, And the new app has further added to this seamless experience, making it the most valuable platform to sourcing from the best in the business. We believe in creating relationships that last; help businesses serve their customers and continue to attract new possibilities.”

As conveyed by the Head of Engineering, the app offers full-circle control to users looking to trade instantly and leverage industry factors. The app exhibits signature features, functionality, and ease-of-use, the platform is known for but is designed to push a truly transparent and open trading ecosystem.

Some of the stand-out features within the app include:

- Business Email, Facebook & Google Log In
- Easy On-boarding
- Robust Search
- Seller Quote Exchange
- Trade Alerts
- Push Notifications
- Easy Membership Upgrade
- Messaging Centre
- Buyers Requests
- Appointment & Meeting Scheduler
- Promotions & Advertising
- Live Customer Support
- In-app Feedback

The CEO of the company added, “I didn’t want eWorldTrade to just be a name, I wanted to solve a problem, and we are certain the future is mobile. With the new app, we are hoping to activate formerly unexplored territories in the B2B landscape and contribute to the new digital age...”

This app will contribute in the expansion of company's network in both existing locations and beyond the world. The app is available both on Google Play and App Store for free.
Iris Williams
Email: reach@eworldtrade.com
Address: Pacific Place, 1910 Pacific Ave, Dallas, TX 75201, United States