Remote Staff Unveils New Company Logo

As part of its rebranding initiative, Remote Staff introduces an improved brand logo. The new company logo is considered as an accurate representation of Remote Staff’s ultimate vision--to connect international employers with remote professionals from emerging markets.

Sydney, Australia, January 12, 2022 --( With the completion of its rebranding efforts in October 2021, Remote Staff is finally ready to reveal its new brand logo.

The new Remote Staff primary logo mark can be described as two intersecting circles that represent the merging of two worlds that fit together perfectly.

It is in vibrant green colour, which is something unique to Remote Staff as no other BPO company uses this color for its logo. Its word mark makes use of the Boston Angel font style for a modern and innovative feel.

According to Chris Jankulovski, Founder and CEO of Remote Staff, “The new logo is a fresh, smart look that the company can sustain in the coming years.” More importantly, it represents the company’s ultimate vision to connect international employers with remote workers from emerging markets.

New Value Propositions

Aside from the logo, Remote Staff’s brand-new visual system consists of three shapes. These shapes represent the company’s value propositions: focus, connect, and optimise.

Focus is all about helping employers focus on things that truly matter when it comes to their businesses. This value proposition is represented by the shape that mimics the camera frame hand gesture.

Connect means connecting employers with the right remote talent they will not be able to live without. The four circles closely clustered together represent this connection.

Optimise is about supporting employers in managing their teams and growing their businesses. The bottom part of the shape represents Remote Staff whereas the top part represents the employers. Overall, the design shows Remote Staff’s commitment to support employers.

The three shapes can be seen in vibrant green, but they can also appear in dark green, light green, yellow, black, and white.

Re-defined Company Values

The logo and the visual system are in line with the company’s values, which have been revised to capture what Remote Staff stands for:

Make every day count.

Remote Staff is always looking for new ways to improve in order to deliver on its promises.

Strive for excellence, every time.

The people at Remote Staff work to a high standard, delivering quality talent and output for their clients.

Get the balance right.

Everyone at Remote Staff has the ability to get a good balance of work and life, which makes them better at what they do.

Together is better.

Remote Staff provides its clients with more than just a team member. It also serves as its clients’ support network.

The logo is just one element of the company’s new visual expression, but the re-branding itself also consists of the company’s new verbal expression.

Both the visual and verbal expressions will be used to update Remote Staff’s websites, marketing efforts, and technology. All of which will be launched by January 2022.

Remote Staff’s rebranding efforts began in April 2021 as part of Chris’s goal of re-designing and re-engineering the company since stepping back in as CEO in 2018 .

The whole initiative has been an extensive exercise, which involved the gathering of internal feedback and client feedback, competitor analysis, and numerous discussions with the goal of gaining clarity about the company’s market position. It represents new investments, processes, departments, and team members.
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