XinChen Caster Company Improves Central Locking Casters Quality

Central locking casters are very important components for hospital beds. It is very necessary to improve the quality of the central locking casters to keep the patients safe and ensure hospital beds have long use of life.

XinChen Caster Company Improves Central Locking Casters Quality
New York, NY, March 17, 2022 --( Central locking casters allow users to operate 4 hospital bed casters with one lock pedal at the same time. It provides great convenience during transferring patients as just one nurse is needed to control the whole bed brake easily.

The bed needs to move everyday, so a good quality central locking caster is very important to keep patients safe & ensure bed is working for a long time.

Currently, XinChen has two series of central locking casters wheels:

1. Single wheel Central locking casters have Ø125mm, Ø150mm and Ø200mm

2. Double wheels central locking casters have Ø100mm, Ø125mm and Ø150mm

There are also many other Chinese suppliers that produce this model of single wheel central locking casters, but in order to win the order, some of them use Low quality PP hub and TPE/TPR tread with common quality bearing.

XinChen aims to produce top quality central locking casters at competitive prices.

- Precision ball bearing in swivel head and wheel
- Twin Wheels central locking caster center made of High Quality Polyamide
- Tread made of German Origin (Bayer Desmopan) TPU Material
- Single wheel Caster frame made of 3mm thickness pressed steel
- Use metal material for Key components of central locking system

Generally speaking, central locking is appropriate in all instances where it is critical to be able to hold equipment in a static position while also being able to operate the locking system swiftly, conveniently, and reliably.

Besides hospital bed casters, medical carts are another common type of application for central locking casters.

Central locking casters are great for the advantages as they provide XinChen the target to make excellent quality central locking casters that they are proud of. All things are ensured with XinChen casters, they provide high quality and long service life.
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Central locking casters specification.

Central locking casters specification.

Both 30 degree & 45 degree lock cams are available.