CreditQ Integrated with Tally and Launched an Effective Business Credit Management Function

CreditQ is a leading business credit management web portal that helps businesses provide financial statements on time by managing their default credits.

Jaipur, India, March 31, 2022 --( CreditQ is a leading business credit management web portal that helps businesses provide financial statements on time by managing their default credits. Now CreditQ integrated with Tally and launched BCM. These BCM services are beneficial for every businessman because it helps in business growth and manages cash flow also. Understanding Business CIBIL Score for a better credit rating supports business expansion with improved automated technology at CreditQ.

How will CreditQ help MSME businesses with efficient business credit management services?

CreditQ integrated with Tally and launched an effective business credit management function for registered MSME by tracking and controlling digital transactions between businesses to produce no defaulters.

Following business credit management techniques benefit CreditQ registered customers to retain their cash flow:

Integrating accounting software

CreditQ specialists create credit and defaulter reports through a thorough follow-up approach. They interface accounting software for suppliers and buyers to provide accurate information about credit, non-payers, and defaulters.

Automated reminder to buyers

CreditQ automates the payment reminder to the buyers with the approval of the supplier party by utilizing high-end Business credit management techniques. It will automatically send a message to buyers reminding them of the payment deadline.

Tracking transaction

CreditQ is a specialist in b2b credit management services. It assists both suppliers and buyers in digitally tracking the material and payment transaction process. It ensures that there will be no repayment from either party. It is possible by integrating and tracking the buyer's accounting software that provides the digital and correct information about the transactions.

What are the benefits of CreditQ's Credit management techniques?

Achieving no defaulter rate

CreditQ's novel and technical credit management approaches help with MSME credit rating by minimizing the number of late or no payments. It will improve the business liquidity with better cash flow.

Ratio of cash in and outflow

CreditQ's shortly launching credit cibil management services that will assist businesses in increasing the cash inflow/cash outflow ratio so that businesses can produce bills and financial accounts on schedule.

Tracking credit accounts digitally

CreditQ's technical specialists integrated with Tally and tracked the customer's financial statement for credit reporting. And informing them before and after the payment of the deadline to make payments on time. This entire technique is carried out digitally, with no human intervention.

Assisting companies to analyze performance

CreditQ's effective B2B credit management services will assist organizations in analyzing their performance based on cash flow and strategically planning their next budget, which is critical for the company's bottom line growth.

Cost-effective Approach

Credit management services are cost-effective because they are regulated digitally and do not require human input. Business Credit management services that are more timely, efficient, and trustworthy will save time, money, and effort.

Professional Approach

CreditQ is a highly refined credit management specialist that thoroughly and technically tracks the financial account and executes a periodic follow-up, ensuring that the company does not suffer from non-payers. It raises the MSME credit rating, allowing the company to grow more quickly.

Credit management services are critical for the collection of overdue debts. A well-defined credit management strategy may effectively cover all risks by preventing businesses from becoming defaulters while keeping positive client relationships.
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