Private Security Company Announces At-Cost Security Services for Non-Profit Organizations

Atlanta, GA, May 18, 2008 --( A private security agency has pledged to protect those that help others, without the exorbitant cost normally associated with professional security services. Overwatch International; a Georgia based private security agency specializing in investigations and protective services, now offers their security services to non-profit organizations at cost.

While security needs for non-profits within the US and other first-world nations are often minimal, humanitarian organizations are seeing an increasing need for protection outside of the US in places like Iraq, Africa and South America, where their once respected neutral status is being largely ignored by rebel groups, insurgents and profiteers.

In a recent study, The Center for Humanitarian Dialogue, and independent humanitarian organization based in Geneva, found that one in five relief workers face serious security issues, often from civilians within the country or region they were operating in.

The UN regularly reports attacks on food convoys, medical personnel and aid workers, many occurring in Darfur region of Sudan. Specifically, the UN reported over 600 violent incidents against UN personnel between 2003 and 2004. The numbers of attacks against non-governmental organizations is not known, though may be much higher.

Many organizations are turning to private security companies, though their services do not come cheap; a non-profit can pay as must as $13,000.00 for a professional escort from the Baghdad International Airport to the Green Zone in Iraq or as much as $2000.00 a day for a single security operator in Africa. Even with these high costs, relief organizations are seeking security protection with increasing frequency.

Overwatch International made its decision to offer at-cost security services to humanitarian groups because of the normal cost associated with them and the fact that some organizations may not be able to afford security otherwise. Aaron Cowan and Karl Andersen, owners of Overwatch International, came to the conclusion that they were going to offer their security services at-cost to aid groups after a short meeting on the subject. Aaron Cowan, Director of Close Protection and Risk Management for Overwatch International said, “The decision was an easy one, we didn’t start Overwatch to profit off of conflict, and we have no desire to profit off of protecting aid workers from it.” Karl Andersen, Overwatch International’s director of Investigations and Security Logistics when on to say, “To the best of my knowledge, we are the first and only security company to offer this service.”

The personnel of Overwatch International are no strangers to providing professional security services; the majority of their personnel are former military and/or former law enforcement and most of these individuals served in specialized units. As civilians, they have provided protection for former Heads of State, Fortune 100 and 500 executives, venture capitalists, politicians and dignitaries. Overwatch International hand picks their personnel for their experience and ability like may private security companies, though Overwatch International goes a step further; choosing operational and administrative personnel based on their moral compass and how closely they adhere to Overwatch International’s Canon of Ethics.

Overwatch International is a Dun and Bradstreet listed company, a registered government contractor and a State of Georgia licensed Private Detective and Security Agency. For further information on Overwatch International, visit them on the web at

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