Lifewit Announces Sales of Their Storage Bags Surpassed 100,000 Units in First Quarter of 2022

Lifewit, a global homeware brand, reported that their first-quarter sales of the fabric bag set exceeded 100,000 units. Since its launch in 2015, the company has been consistent in its philosophy of creating spaces that are in tune with people's own rhythms. With the support of its consumers, Lifewit expects to make more breakthroughs in the future.

Dover, DE, April 11, 2022 --( Lifewit's Clothes Storage Bag is tagged with Amazon #1 Best Seller badge icon, currently accumulating more than 40,000 five-star reviews. The organizer comes in two variations: a 3-piece set and a 6-piece set, with a single bag capacity of 90L. People can fill them up with off-season clothes and move them to make way for spring and summer clothes.

Customers across the US and UK have written many reviews on Amazon about Lifewit's products.

For example, one from the United State commented," These are fantastic storage bags! I purchased these to organize a messy linen closet and they have been amazing. I' ve been able to store 2 standard size and 2 king size pillows in one bag! That alone has saved so much space! I’m so happy with this purchase. I keep searching around to see how else I can use them. They are lifesavers!"

Through constantly bringing innovation to product development, design and supply chain integration, Lifewit strives to offer homeware solutions to help people enjoy a genuine, comfortable life. This year, the company launched its first plastic storage product and it plans to continue introducing new items in the future.

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Life is all about compromises. You find yourself in the midst of the constant hustle. Playing by the rules, not by your own choice. But inside your own dwelling, you can find your own rhythm and genuinely be yourself. At Lifewit, we offer homeware solutions that help you enjoy a genuine, comfortable life. Rather than disrupting your natural daily rhythm, we exist to help you create space that is in tune with your own rhythm. For more information, please visit

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