Best Recipes Media Group’s Latest Cookbook Will Revolutionize Small-Batch Cooking Using the Wildly Popular Air Fryer with Recipes That Serve Two People

"Cooking for Two with Your Air Fryer" expands what you think is possible to make in your air fryer, all while keeping portions to two servings, making it an essential resource for singles and couples alike.

Armada, MI, April 20, 2022 --( Drew Maresco, author of The 3-Step Slowcooker Cookbook and Frugal Cooking with Your Instant Pot®, and his company Best Recipes Media Group announce their latest cookbook titled Cooking for Two with Your Air Fryer, available May 10, 2022. The book features 75 perfectly-portioned recipes and money-saving tips that will change the way people cook with their air fryer. While famous for making healthier versions of your fried-food favorites, the air fryer can do much more, and this book will show you how.

Air fryers are extraordinarily popular, becoming a household staple appliance seemingly overnight, and there’s no lack of cookbooks for people looking to use theirs more. While many cookbooks are dedicated to it and multiple other cooking methods, a commonly underserved market are singles, newly-weds, and empty-nesters. The vast majority of cookbooks on the market today serve "families," which is generally assumed to be a household of four or more. Cooking for Two with Your Air Fryer is changing that by taking advantage of most air fryers’ small size and making perfectly-portioned meals in them. The days of eating the same leftovers, again and again, are over.
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Drew Maresco