Africa Better Business Bureau (ABBB) to Provide Accreditation to Businesses Operating Across Africa

ABBB is advancing trust and transparency in cross-border trading in Africa.

Windhoek, Namibia, July 01, 2022 --( According to Statista, misleading marketing practices, price gouging, product adulteration, product counterfeiting, product faking, non-delivery of paid goods, and all the likes, have for years been robbing African consumers billions of dollars of their real value for monies paid, leaving them frustrated.

Every day, over 800 million people across Africa buy their products and services from different businesses all over Africa, but without a well defined centralized system to provide them with the relevant data for them to make informed decisions at the point of sale.

Africa Business Better Bureau (ABBB) has developed the ABBB Accredited Network, a Centralized Autonomous System (CAS), with the aim to advance a trustworthy marketplace in Africa by providing consumers with relevant data through before they purchase products and services from different businesses, all over Africa.

The ABBB Accredited Network is designed to provide accreditation for over 100 million businesses of all sizes and sectors operating in all 54 countries in Africa, and serve the accredited data to over 1.2 billion consumers who spend more than $2.1 trillion every year buying goods and services, across Africa.

"ABBB is advancing transparency, confidence and trust in African marketplace. I encourage everyone looking to buy anything anywhere in Africa to verify the seller with ABBB before you pay, it is a free authentic service for you," exclaims Mr. Eddie Manda, ABBB Country General Manager, Malawi.

"If you are operating any size business of any type or selling anything, anywhere in Africa, then you should become an ABBB Accredited Member, which may help you attract more potential customers to exponentially boost your turnover and grow your business, faster," stated Ms. Beata Nakanyala, ABBB President.

ABBB has a diversified business model with revenue to come from the Paid-Accreditation Subscriptions Products, Marketing Solutions and Sales Solutions.

"ABBB plans to change the way traditional cross-border business and trading are done in Africa," states Mr. Fanuel Iikuti, ABBB Director, Strategic Partnerships.

"ABBB is partnering with companies of all sizes and sectors across Africa who are committed to the best practices of business ethics, marketplace excellence, and effective industry self-regulation to scale up their offerings and grow their revenue," says Ms. Martha Kainge, ABBB VP, Membership Sales & Service.

"Africa is the future. If you are not doing business in Africa or with Africans, then you are missing out, especially from Internet users in Africa. According to Statista forecasts, the number of internet users in Africa increased to around 565 million in 2022, six times more than in 2010. By 2025, the figure might come close to 700 million," says Mr. Julius T. Gbayange, ABBB Country General Manager, Nigeria.

"We are gearing up for our massive task to serve Africa. Our goal is to recruit up to 350 full-time Customer Support Specialists for our Windhoek offices within the next 12 months," Mr. Andreas Mathias, ABBB VP, Human Resources.

About ABBB

Founded in 2022, Africa Better Business Bureau (ABBB) is a premier Business Intelligent System (BIS) whose mission is to advance trust, confidence, and transparency in cross-border trading in Africa. ABBB is a service of Cascadia Business Consultancy CC, a Namibia registered and based company.

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