Conexiones: Professional Business Speakers Bureau on the Knowledge Economy

ConeXiones is a speaker’s bureau of professional business presenters on the transition from an Industrial Economy to a Knowledge Economy being triggered by rapid progress in the evolving Information Age. They help organizations, big and small, public or private connect the dots in today's competitive business environment.

San Antonio, TX, May 28, 2008 --( ConeXiones is pleased to announce the opening of a speaker’s bureau focused on offering business and convention groups the opportunity to participate in some of the latest thinking on the Knowledge Economy. The United States is making the transition from an Industrial Economy to a Knowledge Economy and this has been triggered by rapid progress in the evolving Age of Information.

“Unfortunately,” says Anastacio Bueno, “this transition is one of the least understood or talked about challenges facing us today. This transition impacts all aspects of the world in which we live and work - dramatically. The most compelling aspect is the speed at which this transition is happening. It gives us little time to adjust as we struggle to remain competitive in the global arena. All of this is driven by the Global Communications Infrastructure and the Internet.” Bueno, along with Jean M. Rowan and Bryce H. Dixson are the principal speakers. They are helping business groups and organizations connect the dots in today’s competitive business environment.

“The vision for the speakers service is based on the challenges facing every business entity or organization, big or small”, says Bueno, a former history teacher and founder of ConeXiones. “We want to promote greater understanding about what decision-makers have to do to grow their businesses and remain competitive today and into the future. We also examine the alternatives if you do not adapt quickly enough.” Anastacio has been reading about and researching the Knowledge Economy for the last seventeen years. He is passionate about what businesses’ and enterprises’ must do in order to compete in the age of information. He has gained first hand experience working in a corporate and entrepreneurial setting for over thirty years.

Jean M. Rowan is one of the most seasoned Internet marketers in this part of the country. She spent years in corporate marketing which taught her that good marketing is the result of solid, practical strategies not glitzy campaigns. The Internet is no different. Success on the Internet is the marriage of a solid understanding of the business’s perfect prospects, well-conceived strategies that engage that prospect, and consistent interaction that converts the prospect to a buyer.

“Your organization is not unlike an organism” states Bryce H. Dixson, “it will survive, thrive or die depending on how well it adapts to environmental, socio-political and commercial realities—that it cannot ignore and from which it cannot escape.” Bryce is an international marketing and business development professional with extensive practical experience establishing and expanding commercial enterprises in Europe, North America, Japan and Australasia.

ConeXiones offers presentations locally, nationally and internationally. The presenters are connected with a multinational offering technology-enabled services in the U.S., Mexico, South Asia, and Australasia. They are targeting corporate meeting planners, governmental organizations, educational groups, convention centers and trade organizations.

All three presenters are based in San Antonio and you can visit their website at or contact them at 210-913-8813.

Anastacio Bueno