Legenday Enters OEM/ODM Market for Silicone Overmolding Products

Legenday Enters OEM/ODM Market for Silicone Overmolding Products
New York, NY, November 09, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Today, Legenday started silicone Overmolding products for OEM and ODM clients. This will give Legenday clients a strategic edge over existing silicone products.

Silicone Overmolding is a versatile technology allowing for design flexibility, better aesthetics, and improved ergonomic design. With years of experience, Legenday engineers can blend any two materials depending on the client's specifications.

"We are consistently improving our silicone product manufacturing capability through innovative solutions to satisfy our client's needs in the dynamic market," said Frank, Legenday Marketing Manager. "From conceptualization and design, to the actual silicon Overmolding, Legenday offers cost-effective solutions to OEM and ODM silicone products."

With the practicality of silicone Overmolding, Legenday will handle R&D, help clients choose high-grade silicone material, and supervise quality testing.

By combining at least two silicone materials to create one product, Legenday will help its OEM and ODM clients profit from the untapped market in Overmolding products. Silicone Overmolding products serve a range of industries, including medical, automotive, entertainment, electronics, and lighting industries, to mention a few.

About Legenday
With over two decades in Overmolding liquid silicone rubber (LSR) parts, Legenday remains the #1 silicone product manufacturer in China. Our OEM and ODM partnership allows our clients to profit from this untapped market.

Legenday's R&D team, alongside engineers, guarantees innovative solutions in the silicone products industry. We remain committed to quality and safety.

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