ANB Systems Signs LOI to Expand Its Offshore Center

Chennai, India, November 19, 2022 --( ANB Systems, Inc., a leading workflow management solutions provider for utilities across the US, has signed a Letter of Intent to expand its Offshore Development Center in Chennai. This expansion is aligned with ANB’s expanding workforce to cater to the increasing adoption of its products and services.

Through eTRACK+, its flagship product, ANB tracks about 11% of the incentive dollars paid out by Investor-Owned Utilities in North America. ANB also provides tracking solutions for other areas of the utility sector, such as distributed generation and electric vehicles; and its software has wide ranging applications for tracking other compliance types of requirements. ANB has grown significantly in the past two years with several clients added to its user base. ANB is also positioning itself for diversification into other industries such as insurance, compliance, healthcare, transport, retail, and manufacturing. ANB’s key objective is to move towards greater automation by applying state of the art techniques such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing.

"We are focusing on automation to deliver the best solution to our customers. ANB has implemented ‘No-Touch Application Processing’ using a combination of its configurable products to review complex documents, integrate with external systems, and extensively apply business rules and validations. We intend to expand this offering to other business workflows," said Mr. S. Balakrishnan, CEO of ANB Systems Inc.

The office expansion is driven in part by ANB’s Talent Management strategy to build the competence and skills required by ANB to increase the adoption of its core products. ANB’s strategy is multifaceted – acquiring talent from the market and sourcing fresh talent from colleges, as well as training through its internal ANB Academy. Upskilling of internal talent is also a continuous endeavor to maintain a high competence in all functions.

About ANB Systems

ANB Systems, Inc is a leading SaaS product company with a primary footprint in the energy efficiency and distributed generation division of electric and gas utilities. ANB's flagship product is eTRACK+ – a low-code workflow management system that allows end-users to easily set up and administer programs tailored to their business processes and needs. ANB's mission is to help clients bring disparate processes into an integrated platform that provides a real-time view of critical information and metrics. ANB does this by empowering people to be data-savvy and embrace automation through data-tracking and reporting software.
ANB Systems, Inc.
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