Dirty Celebrity @Wins 2023 CFDA x Accessories Council Launchpad Fellowship

Dirty Celebrity is one of 3 designers’ awarded entry into The Launchpad Fellowship which has been running since 2017. This year, the program only had 3 criteria: sustainability, women owned and a person of color. Dirty Celebrity was chosen for its diverse product range and unique approach to sustainability.

Jersey City, NJ, January 07, 2023 --(PR.com)-- Dirty Celebrity always prided itself on being one of the few multiple accessories brand in the east coast to adapt a sustainability ethos. The idea was simple – to address the pitfalls of fashion industry by forsaking trends, producing less and using discontinued fabrics all with a zero-waste mantra. The brand is run by twin sisters, Eva and Yvette Estime.

“The concept was simple to use all of our fabric until it was gone to eliminate deadstock while using deadstock fabric,” said co-owner and lead designer, Yvette Estime who applied for the grant on a whim. The brand produces a plethora of accessories including hats, scarves, jewelry, handbags and hair accessories. According to the head of the Accessories Council, Karen Gibson, this assortment of product helped the brand secure the grant.

The Lauchpad fellowship includes mentorship from the CFDA and a lesson on building community through interaction with girls from The Lower Eastside Girl’s Club (LESGC). The brand with teach the girls construction of fashion goods, the confidence to start a business and learn to build community within their own brand along the way. The grant will be underwritten by the Elaine Gold Foundation.

“It is just an honor," said Eva Estime, co-owner of Dirty Celebrity, "this is a testament that hard work pays off if you treat obstacles as temporary setbacks.”

About Dirty Celebrity
Dirty Celebrity was launched in 2020 in the start of the pandemic to focus on the pitfalls of the fashion industry while producing accessories based on mood. The brand ethos is sustainability meets originality. The brand addresses overproduction, excess material waste and fashion’s current reliance on trends to drive sales.

About the Launchpad fellowship

The Launchpad program has been running since 2017 and usually is a competition that pins 17 designers against each other to pitch for the largest part of a $700,000 grant. This year, the program chose only 3 designers with 3 criteria: sustainability, women owned and a person of color. All three designers will receive grants in total of $35,000. The fellowship includes mentorship with the CFDA, a partnership with the Accessories Council and a 7 week curriculum created by the designers for the Lower Eastside Girls Club to help the brands learn to foster community.
Dirty Celebrity
Yvette Estime
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