SociaTropin™ Debuts as the World’s First Social Enhancement Nutritional Supplement

What happens when you combine nature's most effective mood enhancer, herbal supplements for stress relief, and natural energy boosters? SociaTropin™ was developed by a specialized team of doctors, herbalogists, nutritionists, and fitness experts. It has leveraged over 60 years of research and expertise to create the world’s first social enhancing and anxiety-eliminating nutritional supplement.

Chicago, IL, June 01, 2008 --( Shiraz Madan has seen the dilemma unfold more times than he can remember. As the VIP Manager at Chicago hotspot NV Penthouse Lounge, Madan has observed many seemingly confident men hesitate to approach a beautiful woman in a night club environment because of anxiety.

“People visit bars and night clubs because they wish to interact in a social setting. Otherwise, they would remain at home,” Madan said. “Unfortunately, nervousness often delays and even prevents this interaction. If you eliminate fear, you will have more favorable conversations and positive encounters with people.”

Instead of using alcohol or drugs to combat social anxiety, Madan has a healthier and legal way to become more confident and relaxed. He recommends SociaTropin™, which is the world’s first social enhancement nutritional supplement.

Developed by a specialized team of doctors, herbologists, nutritionists, and fitness experts, SociaTropin™ ( is designed to elevate emotional well-being, eliminate social anxiety, and boost natural energy levels to dramatically improve a person’s relationships and social life.

“Before SociaTropin™, I would drink espresso or energy drinks, but they make you jittery and lead to an energy crash,” said Madan, who works a demanding schedule and late hours in the night club industry. “SociaTropin™ provides calm and sustainable energy.”

Fitness and nutrition enthusiast, Anthony DiClementi, relates to Madan’s comments. Having worked in both the banking and commercial real estate industries, while serving as VIP Host at two of Chicago’s most exclusive night spots (Reserve Ultra Lounge and Enclave), DiClementi is no stranger to a demanding schedule. It was his role as a VIP host that hatched the idea for a nutritional supplement that could help sharpen the mind and improve people’s social lives.

“As an entrepreneur, I believe the best way to create a successful company is to create a product that benefits the greatest number of people,” said DiClementi, who earned a degree in finance from the University of Illinois College of Business. “I’ve read literally thousands of books on natural vitamins, herbs, amino acids, and alternative medicine in addition to consulting some of the greatest minds in our field. Our supplement fills a niche that was previously untapped. Who wouldn’t benefit from more confidence, an improved sense of well-being, and increased natural energy levels (SociaTropin™ contains absolutely zero stimulants)?”

SociaTropin™ consists of a select group of compounds (cited in more than 5,050 scientific studies) proven safe in the food supply over a 10-year period, and every constituent ingredient has been designated as part of the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) list by the U.S. government.

SociaTropin™ works by correcting imbalances and healing symptoms that impact social ability and psychological well-being. It uses adaptogenic herbs and botanicals that revitalize and heal the body’s neurological system.

“Anxiety is a common symptom of an imbalanced neurological system,” DiClementi said. “By revitalizing this system, a person will experience a dramatic improvement in his or her mental clarity and feel more calm and centered.”

SociaTropin™ is composed of carefully selected amino acids that provide the body with the building blocks it needs to restore the natural balance of the chemical messengers (also known as “neurotransmitters”) serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, GABA, and epinephrine (adrenaline). “These are critical for everything from mood, to mental clarity, to psychological health,” DiClementi said.

The formula also features an exclusive proprietary complex of antioxidants and key vitamins that rejuvenates the mind and body, boosts energy, and increases resistance to environmental toxins and disease. Carefully chosen antioxidants, vitamins, and herbal adaptogens strengthen the body’s natural defenses and help it to more effectively neutralize stress. They heal existing imbalances in the body and prevent them from occurring in the future.

“The greatest misconception about our product is that it is only for people who are socially awkward,” DiClementi said. “SociaTropin™ helps people of all personality types and social-abilities to eliminate anxiety and increase their natural energy levels. Whether someone is approaching a beautiful woman in a nightclub, or making a big sales presentation at the office, SociaTropin™ will help take their social life to the next level.”

Anthony DiClementi