Don Key Custom Made Watch Bezels

Don Key to add custom made watch bezels to their offerings.

Los Angeles, CA, March 07, 2023 --( Don Key today announced custom made bezels, as a new offering. These custom-made bezels will be manufactured on Hill Street in Los Angeles with CNC machinery precision and true artisan craftsmanship for any style watch.

“As a lover of tech and art, this is tremendously exciting for me,” says Super, Founder/Owner at Don Key. “The CNC machinery really dials down what’s required to create some very specifically detailed adornments on any piece. I’m really excited to see what more we’re able to add in the future.”

Features and benefits of Custom-made watch bezels include.

CNC Machinery Precision
Customize Any Watch
Made in Los Angels

These custom-made watch bezels will be available starting immediately, design starting at $699. For more information on Custom Made Watch Bezels, visit

About Don Key: We are a Los Angeles based wholesale company that specializes in the supply & distribution of 100% natural and real lab grown (CVD & HPHT) diamonds.
Don Key
Super Ahmad