Change the Color of Your Fire with Funky Colored Flames

Funky Colored Flames changes the color of any wood fire and makes it blue, green and purple. It is sold in the camping aisle at Target & Wal-Mart.

Buffalo, NY, June 05, 2008 --( Funky Colored Flames just launched at Target Stores nationwide (in the camping aisle until September).

Have you ever wondered how to change the color of fire? Well, Winlow™ Outdoor Experiences, a brand by BG Distribution and Marketing, did and they created a new product called Funky Colored Flames™ that does just that.

This new innovative product creates a brilliant display of blue, green, and purple. It can be used in indoor/outdoor wood fireplaces, bonfires, campfires and backyard fire pits.

“I was always fascinated by fire,” says Jesse Bleeman, Senior Director of New Business Development. “What a great way to add some life to your fire and watch the reaction it has on individuals”.

Funky Colored Flames™ was first introduced into the Canadian Market at Canadian Tires store nationwide. It is in its third year at Canadian Tire and & second year at 3,000 Wal-Mart locations and is proving to be a top seller in its category. Funky Colored Flames™ is patent pending.

This product can be used all year round. In the winter months of indoor fires which is especially great for Christmas and other holiday celebrations, to the summer months of camping and backyard fires. Funky Colored Flames™ is great for all occasions.

“For the full effect place entire closed packet on top of fire,” says Bleeman. “After 5 minutes, colors will spread naturally throughout your fire. Colors last up to 30 minutes, so sit back and enjoy the magical flames”.

Funky Colored Flames™ is available at Wal-Mart stores across the U.S and Canada, Camping World, Canadian Tire stores across Canada and many other major retailers across North America for the spring/summer of 2009.


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