Dexter Laundry Equipment to be Featured on Discovery Channel

Dexter’s T-1200 Washer to be featured in upcoming episode of "Factory Made."

Fairfield, IA, June 07, 2008 --( Beginning with this summer’s new TV show season, Dexter Laundry products will be on center stage shown all over the world via the Discovery Channel’s new “Factory Made” series. “Factory Made" enters factories around the world to learn how products consumers use are made, and about the companies that make them.

A crew of four came from Discovery Channel in March to Dexter’s headquarters to film 3 days of footage in Dexter’s Laundry manufacturing facility and in Dexter’s Foundry, which produces grey and ductile iron castings; including several components in Dexter washers. “Of course, not all 3 days of footage will air on the show,” said Kevin Hietpas, Director of Sales and Marketing, “but what does air will give viewers a great a picture of Dexter and the work involved in creating an industrial strength washing machine.” The Discovery Channel crew filmed the creation of a Dexter T-1200, 75lb commercial washer through the factory from the arrival of the stainless steel, through welding, assembly, testing and packaging, to it’s shipment out the door to Dexter Authorized Distributors from across the globe. The T-1200 is the largest model manufactured by Dexter and is very popular with Laundromat customers due to its ability to handle super-large, family-size loads all at one time.

Dexter Laundry began in the late 1800's and acquired its name from Dexter, a world champion race horse. The horse was the model for weather vanes seen on top of barns across the country and the subject of a famous Currier and Ives painting of “Dexter driven by President Grant”. As washing machines began to gain popularity, Dexter's founder decided that he could improve on the existing designs and capabilities and Dexter began building several hand-powered washer wringer models. Dexter's earliest hand and foot powered washers were made of wood slats bound together with metal bands. They had names such as the "Monarch" and the "Billy Twister", and sold for as little as $15.

"This show will not only feature Dexter, but discuss the power, performance and energy efficiency of commercial laundry equipment," Hietpas said. "Those in the laundry industry recognize Dexter washers and dryers, but this episode will demonstrate to the public for the first time the heavy-duty construction and attention to detail that goes into every one of our machines."

Dexter Laundry, Inc. has been a leader in the commercial and on-premise laundry industries since the company was founded more than a century ago. Founded in 1894, the company has since grown to offer a full line of front load washers, drying tumblers, Easy Card systems, and equipment financing helping commercial laundry owners and on-premise laundry managers worldwide experience greater success. An employee owned company, Dexter Laundry is headquartered in Fairfield, Iowa U.S.A. and nearly 600 Dexter employees work to engineer, manufacture, sell and support their best in class commercial and OPL laundry products around the world. All Dexter products are made in the U.S.A. with union labor.

Dexter industrial strength washers are manufactured in 18, 25, 40, 55 and 75 pound capacities, with high speed “Express” 200 g-force extraction models available in 18, 25 and 45 pound capacities. Dexter dryers are available in 30, 55 and 80 pound single pocket, as well as 30 and 50 pound stacked models. A stacked washer dryer is also available.

The Dexter segment is scheduled to air on Wednesday, June 11th at 8 p.m. Central time on the Discovery Channel. Additional airings of this episode are scheduled and will be aired worldwide. Please check your local television listings for dates and times.

Learn more about Dexter Laundry at or call 1-800-524-2954 to find your local Dexter Authorized Distributor.

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Kim Ritter