FasterCapital Launches Its Business Plan Writing Services for Startups

This service is a fit for early-stage startups and startups that are looking for funding. When approaching angel investors to pitch your startup, entrepreneurs need to make sure all of their materials are up to par. This service helps entrepreneurs write and perfect their business plans before moving forward and applying for funding.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 23, 2023 --( FasterCapital announces its business plan writing services. This service aims to help entrepreneurs and business founders in writing their business plan document whether from scratch or working on specific parts of the plan. The team starts off by discussing the startup, the business model, the vision and mission, and other key areas before moving forward to writing or checking the business plan document.

The service applies a hands-on flexible approach whereby the team at FasterCapital will work hand in hand with the startup's team and will communicate clearly with the team on what the business plan is lacking and what needs to be done. The team then will carry out applying the changes agreed upon, writing the missing sections, and improving the already-written sections.

The team will also provide the startup with investors and experts feedback on the business plan. This helps in improving not only the business plan document in itself but also the startup's business strategy and business model overall.

The services include Professional advice and recommendations, help in writing specific sections of the business plan, validating assumptions with accurate data from the market, advising on the best business strategies, and more
Entrepreneurs can also watch FasterCapital's business writing service video to learn more about it.

Startups that are interested in the business plan writing service can send their info to FasterCapital's team via the online form or contact the team via email on

This service is part of the various fundraising services FasterCapital is providing startups with through its Raise Capital and Idea to Product programs. Entrepreneurs can learn more about these programs on FasterCapital website.

Mr. Hesham Zreik, CEO of FasterCapital, comments, "What we aim at achieving is helping entrepreneurs especially at early stages move forward and establish their successful businesses with ease through the help of our network and resources."

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