Essential Skills Make a Deal with the NLP Company

Glasgow, United Kingdom, June 12, 2008 --( Agreement was finalised between Tom Vizzini from Essential Skills and Rintu Basu of The NLP Company in May. The NLP Company have agreed to promote Essential Skills products and services.

The NLP Company provide a blend of Hypnosis, Accelerated Learning and NLP applications. As such Essential Skills range of products and seminars for practical life skills that can be applied immediately are an ideal compliment.

“The direction Tom and Kim have taken from core NLP Techniques is very creative and immensely effective,” state Rintu Basu, “I have known Essential Skills for about six years and like their products and seminars. I am pleased that we are working together and it gives me a whole new range to offer my clients.”

Essential Skills have been developing courses for over ten years and are delivering seminars both in America and the UK. Their DVDs that cover core NLP Skills are unique in the NLP Marketplace.

The customers benefit as well as both The NLP Company and Essential Skills The NLP Company are gaining a unique product range to offer to their clients whilst Essential Skills have increased sales from those customers. The NLP Market is saturated with various seminars, DVDs and training solutions. This deal between the two companies will allow NLP Practitioners to see a different slant on traditional NLP Techniques.

The NLP Company
Rintu Basu