Introducing the New iFoiler+ Induction Sealer: Higher Power for Higher Speed Lines

The newest addition to the Induction Sealing product line from Pillar Technologies.

Hartland, WI, October 20, 2023 --( Pillar Technologies, a leading innovator in induction sealing solutions, is proud to unveil its latest product, the iFoiler+ Induction Sealer. With a 4.75kW power supply, the iFoiler+ incorporates all the benefits and features of the flagship iFoiler - only with a larger power supply. For many high-volume manufacturers, a larger power supply is needed to ensure a quality seal on their products.

Designed with the future in mind, the iFoiler+ Induction Sealer is the result of Pillar Technologies' unwavering commitment to improving product packaging and sealing processes. This advanced system offers a range of features to improve the way businesses seal their bottles. It is the ultimate solution for companies seeking high-performance induction sealing technology.

Key features of the iFoiler+ Induction Sealer include:
· Enhanced Sealing Performance: The iFoiler+ is engineered to deliver top-notch sealing quality, ensuring product integrity, freshness, and security.
· Versatility: This system can accommodate a wide range of container sizes and materials, making it suitable for various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more.
· Efficiency: With its user-friendly interface and intelligent controls, the iFoiler+ reduces setup time and increases overall production efficiency.
· Reliability: Pillar Technologies has a long-standing reputation for producing durable, high-quality equipment. The iFoiler+ is no exception and is built to last, delivering consistent performance over time.
· Customer Support: Customers can rely on Pillar Technologies' exceptional customer support to ensure smooth operation, maintenance, and assistance with any inquiries.

Tyler Derus, Business Unit Manager of Pillar Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm for the iFoiler+ Induction Sealer, stating, "We are thrilled to introduce the iFoiler+ to the market. This product is the result of our continuous commitment to providing our customers with the best sealing solutions to fit their applications.”

The iFoiler+ Induction Sealer is now available for purchase and comes with a range of customizable options to suit the unique needs of businesses. For more information about the iFoiler+ Induction Sealer and to explore its features, please visit

About Pillar Technologies: Located in Hartland, WI, Pillar Technologies is part of the global ITW Organization and is made up of two brands, Pillar Technologies Induction Sealers and Pillar Technologies Surface Treatment. Pillar Technologies Induction Sealers provide superior bottle cap sealing solutions for packaging applications. Pillar Technologies Surface Treatment provides innovative products that promote adhesion to surfaces when printing, coating, or laminating.
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