WSI Develops Largest Real Estate Portal in Mexico and South America

Custom Application Group Delivers Complex Projects for Larger Corporations.

Toronto, Canada, June 13, 2008 --( WSI, the world’s leading provider of Internet Solutions to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) has developed the largest real estate portal site in Mexico and South America. The recent launch of is a showcase of WSI’s expert capability to deliver large scale, complex Web development projects to the high end market serving larger corporations. In addition to its leadership in the global SMB sector since the mid-nineties, WSI is now geared to meet the challenges faced by large multinational conglomerates as well.

Alan Skinner of SolutionsAbroad expressed his delight at the site going live and said, “We are very pleased to see our vision come to life in this premier real estate portal that will serve not only the Mexican but the entire South American segment of foreign nationals and expatriate communities. We would like to thank the WSI team for all their input and development of our site - its features, functionality and overall presentation far exceeds our expectations.”

SolutionsAbroad is a community of diverse individuals unified by a passion for South America, Mexico in particular. The portal goes beyond being a real estate portal. It caters to diverse needs of families relocating to Mexico that need support not only in finding temporary housing and buying a home but also settling into their new cultural surroundings. Working with English-speaking foreigners and offering them reliable services in their new home country, SolutionsAbroad also meets the needs of visiting tourists or seasoned expats that are looking for the latest news, events and discussions about the country.

Ron McArthur, president, WSI congratulates the core group of WSI Internet Consultants responsible for the development and launch of He says, “For over a decade, WSI Consultants have witnessed first hand, the momentum and volume growth of the SMB market worldwide. In our quest to help these businesses explore and profit from the vast potential of the Internet, we see ourselves as catalysts of the change that make SMBs a force to reckon with. In keeping with our expert adaptability and flexibility to meet market needs, our custom application development group is now in top gear to deliver large scale customized Internet solutions to the high end corporate world. We are still leaders in the SMB market but we are also now more than equipped to cater to larger corporations and help them face their competitive challenges. SolutionsAbroad is only among the first of a rapidly growing roster of mega projects within the WSI network. My congratulations on this great team project!”

Leading international WSI Consultant, Doug Schust who spearheaded the SolutionsAbroad project says, “WSI used the latest in portal development with our custom application development group. Just over 6000 Web pages, the site incorporates multiple business functions as required by the client. We will also continue development and work on Search Engine Optimization to make this truly, the number one online resource for expatriate foreign nationals visiting, working, living, retiring, moving to or doing business in Mexico.”

The many faces of SolutionsAbroad come together and interact here in the portal’s forums, business directory, blogs, community finder, real estate directory, and much more. WSI also used many advanced Web 2.0 applications in the back-end development to maximize the end client engagement factor, a key component to the success of this site. Ongoing development will make the site available in 3 languages; English USA, English UK and Spanish. The site is totally expandable and is aimed to facilitate substantial growth over the next few years.

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Joanne Vo