Keeping Things Simple for Entrepreneurs

Local Virtual Assistant Shares Tips for “Simplify Your Life Week.”

Brampton, Canada, June 13, 2008 --( Answering phone, Reviewing emails, Billing customers, Updating websites, Networking and Marketing. For many entrepreneurs, the daily grind of running a business is getting in the way of doing business. But according to one local virtual assistant, a small business owner can focus on profitable business tasks by simplifying their to-do list.

“Most entrepreneurs didn’t start their business thinking about all the time wasters they would need to do to keep the business running,” says Serena Carcasole, owner of Virtual Business Solutions ON DEMAND in Brampton. “By outsourcing those things to a virtual assistant, you will reduce stress – and focus on work that actually brings in money.”

Virtual assistants (VAs) are professional office assistants who provide office services and support without being physically present by using the Internet, fax, and telephone. Since much of their work is done online, they can work locally or globally. Founded in 2007, Virtual Business Solutions ON DEMAND offers a variety of services including Administration, Bookkeeping, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Website Design, Event Planning, Concierge Services and more. Virtual Business Solutions ON DEMAND will be donating 1% of every client invoice over $500 to cancer research.

According to Carcasole, the benefits of outsourcing to a qualified VA are plentiful. VAs only charge for actual time worked. VAs use their own equipment so there is no wear and tear on your office equipment, nor is there a need for special equipment.

In honor of “Simplify Your Life Week,” the first week of August, she offers the following steps to discover what to outsource:
1. Figure out what your time is actually worth. “Whether you bill hourly or not, you need to start by figuring out how much your hourly rate is,” says Carcasole.
2. Assess how many hours you are spending on non-revenue generating tasks. She suggests taking a few days and actually writing down every task done, and how long it takes to do. “Once you have this task/time list, look at which items are helping you build revenue,” she says. Usually reading/answering emails, answering phones, scheduling, etc., do not generate income.
3. Calculate how many more billable hours you can have. “Take your non-revenue generating tasks and times and multiple them by what you estimate your time is worth,” she says. “Most people are quite surprised by the amount of money that they are ‘using’ up.”
4. Find a VA to do those tasks. “Delegating those tasks to a VA is cheaper in the long run, and allows you to spend more time working on building your business,” says

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