Psycademy Raises the Complementary Therapy Bar with New Company Formation

In the complementary therapy community, there is a lot of pressure to give time away for free and, as a result, many practitioners make very little money.

New York, NY, June 15, 2008 --( In an industry dominated by sole practitioners, the formation of Psycademy LLP is a confident and positive initiative to position the company as a ‘model of excellence’ in the industry and to empower other practitioners to adopt a similar approach to help raise the standard across the entire industry.

Psycademy’s ( founder and specialist in human evolution and transformation, Lisa Turner, believes that therapists should not have to give out a message that they do not make any money and should be focusing on developing their position as professional and respected practitioners in their own right. She also believes that trainers in the complementary therapy industry do not fully value their skills or the positive impact they make on other’s lives and that an overhaul of the way in which practitioners market themselves to their customers is long overdue.

“In the complementary therapy community, there is a lot of pressure to give time away for free and, as a result, many practitioners make very little money. Therapists need to set a professional example for their clients and therefore holding a workshop in a village hall where clients have to make their own cup up tea could be giving out the wrong perception about the quality of the practitioner,” explains Lisa, who has studied the mind for over 15 years and is a certified trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis.

Lisa argues that being a profitable therapist actually enables the practitioner to give more back. As a result of Psycademy’s philosophy, it then becomes possible for them to offer bursaries for clients who really cannot afford the treatment or therapy. As Abraham Lincoln said, “You cannot help the poor by becoming one of them”.

Lisa also believes that many practitioners are mistakenly put off by the perceived high costs of running a professional business operation when in fact modern technology has made it is easier than ever to run a professional looking, worldwide operation with much reduced cost.

“At Psycademy, ( we have no physical office and most of our meetings are conducted via the Internet, telephone and Skype so our overheads are kept at a minimum. This virtual functionality also helps us to limit our carbon footprint as there is less paper based work and no travelling to and from the offices. This is something which all practitioners can take advantage of,” explains Lisa.

Furthermore, as a practical example of how the Psycademy team function, their titles are descriptive of what they really do for clients. For example, Lisa Turner title is CEO which stands for Chief Enlightenment Officer. She was joined by Tom Evans as CIO, which stands for Chief Inspiration Officer and Liam Wall, as Chief Finance Officer. Internally, Liam is known as the Chief Freedom Officer.

Tom has many years commercial experience and, along with Lisa, has developed many grounded applications for how complementary therapy techniques can be used for both personal development and in forward thinking businesses.

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