Founder of PARENTNashik, Shreekant Patil's Notable Engagement at NCETES 2024: National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Sciences

JITNashik has organized a national level conference NCETES-2024 at Nashik on emerging trends in engineering & sciences, where founder & mentor Shreekant Patil shared his insights on startup India ecosystem.

Nashik, India, February 10, 2024 --( Jawahar Institute of Technology, Management and Research, Nashik (JIT Nashik) successfully hosted the National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Sciences (NCETES-2024) on February 8 and 9. The event kicked off at 10 AM on February 8, attracting various faculties, paper presenters, students, and experts from across the nation.

CE Shreekant Patil graced the occasion as the guest of honour, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. As the mentor at Startup India, a certified LEAN MSME consultant, and the founder of PARENTNashik, with over 29 years of industry expertise, Patil has garnered numerous national and international awards in business development, exports, and entrepreneurship. He also serves as the committee chairman at NIMA Startup Hub.

The session witnessed the presence of esteemed personalities including Dr. M.V. Bhatkar, Principal of JIT Nashik, Mr. Dhananjay Bele, President of NIMA, Dr. Swati Thete, Convener, and Dr. Sagar Aswal, along with various faculty members who actively participated in the conference.

Understanding the Dynamics:

Before delving into Patil's insights, let's briefly touch upon the startups ecosystem. In recent years, this dynamic environment has gained immense prominence due to its ability to foster innovation, fuel economic growth, and drive employment opportunities. Startups, often characterized by their disruptive nature, are known for introducing groundbreaking ideas and technologies that have the potential to reshape entire industries. However, navigating this complex landscape can be a challenging feat for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

In his insightful session, Patil delved into the essence of startups, the ecosystem they thrive in, seed funding, and the importance of incubation at the campus level. His engaging presentation concluded after an hour, leaving a lasting impression with remarkable feedback from the participants.

Experience: A Valuable Asset
Shreekant Patil's extensive experience as both an entrepreneur and a mentor to numerous startups makes him a valuable asset in understanding the intricacies of the startups ecosystem. With a keen eye for innovation and a deep understanding of the market dynamics, Patil has successfully guided numerous startups towards growth and success.

Overcoming Challenges
During the NCETES 2024 conference, Patil highlighted some of the key challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the startups ecosystem. One significant hurdle is obtaining funding and investment opportunities. While many startups possess groundbreaking ideas, securing financial support to bring these ideas to fruition is often a daunting task. Patil emphasized the importance of developing a strong business plan and effectively communicating the value proposition to potential investors.

Another challenge discussed by Patil is building a robust team. Startups often operate with limited resources, making it crucial to assemble a team that possesses the right blend of skills and expertise. Patil stressed the significance of a strong team capable of effectively executing the startup's vision while adapting to the constantly evolving market dynamics.

Seizing Opportunities
Despite the challenges, the startups ecosystem also presents abundant opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Patil discussed the importance of identifying market gaps and developing innovative solutions to address them. Startups have the advantage of agility and flexibility, allowing them to quickly adapt to changing customer demands and emerging trends. Patil encouraged entrepreneurs to embrace disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, as they hold immense potential for revolutionizing various industries.

Key Takeaways
Drawing from his extensive experience, Shreekant Patil shared several key takeaways for aspiring entrepreneurs in the startups ecosystem:

- Embrace innovation and disruptive technologies.
- Develop a strong business plan and effectively communicate the value proposition to potential investors.
- Build a robust team with diverse skill sets.
- Identify market gaps and develop solutions to address them.
- Stay agile and adaptable in the face of evolving market dynamics.

Shreekant Patil's participation in the National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Sciences (NCETES 2024) showcased his experience, expertise, authority, and trust in the field of startups and entrepreneurship. His insights shed light on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the startups ecosystem while emphasizing the abundance of opportunities available for those willing to seize them. By staying abreast of emerging trends and technological advancements, entrepreneurs can navigate this dynamic landscape and pave the way for innovation and growth.

The conference, organized by JIT Nashik and associated with NIMA Nashik, aimed to shed light on new trends in engineering, the latest technology, and foster awareness within the field. NCETES 2024 provided a platform for learning, exchange of ideas, and networking among industry experts, educators, and aspiring young minds.
Ms. Sneha Patil