EmploymentCrossing Launches BilingualCrossing with More Than 4,500 Active Bilingual Job Openings

On Monday EmploymentCrossing announced the launch of a new job board dedicated to listing the best job opportunities for professionals seeking bilingual job openings. BilingualCrossing aims to consolidate every single bilingual job opening it can find and put all of the jobs it locates in one place. The site’s more than 500 highly trained research analysts collect bilingual job openings from virtually every career webpage, every job board, and all Fortune 500 companies.

Pasadena, CA, May 29, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The need for bilingual employees is growing in the United States, largely as a result of immigration. In many job sectors bilingual workers are considered highly valuable. However, in the past, searching for a position that utilizes one’s bilingual skills has not been a streamlined process, making it a tedious task.

Keeping that in mind, the newly launched BilingualCrossing (www.bilingualcrossing.com) aspires to list all types of bilingual jobs, details on career advancement opportunities, and employment information for bilingual job seekers. With more than 4,500 jobs currently posted, it is the largest job board in the world for those fluent in more than one language.

Jobs for bilingual employees range from translation and interpretation work to writing, teaching, and training positions. Many bilingual professionals are required to have formal training in linguistics, and a strong interest in the relationship between language and performance is a must.

Bilingual teachers are needed desperately, according to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is expected that the number of non-English-speaking students will increase, creating demand for bilingual educators and for those who can teach English as a second language.

According to Julia Hollister in her Job Journal article ''Business Potential Boosts Demand for Bilingual Applicants,'' those with bilingual skills are very important in today’s workforce. She backs up her claim by quoting Laurie Armstrong, vice president of public relations for the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau, who says, ''[There are] 5 million foreign visitors, speaking a myriad of languages, [who] come to the city each year, and many end up needing assistance.''

''In this market it is extremely hard to get a job with a recruiter, and recruiters typically work with very few companies,'' says A. Harrison Barnes, founder and CEO of BilingualCrossing. ''Job openings that are not widely known or publicized are the easiest jobs to get.''

According to Barnes, the most popular searches on the site have been:

Bilingual jobs
Bilingual customer service jobs
Bilingual employment
Bilingual jobs in Atlanta
Bilingual jobs in California
Bilingual jobs in Georgia
Bilingual jobs in Houston
Bilingual jobs in New York
Bilingual jobs in Texas
Bilingual sales jobs
Spanish-speaking jobs
Bilingual assistant jobs
Bilingual job opportunities
Bilingual jobs in Austin
Bilingual jobs in Colorado

Barnes emphasizes that BilingualCrossing is committed to finding new sources of jobs daily.

''There are an astonishing number of bilingual job openings out there. We want to find them all,'' he says.

BilingualCrossing charges $29.95 a month to view its job-opening research. As part of the site’s launch special, however, BilingualCrossing is offering a free, seven-day trial to allow job seekers to familiarize themselves with the service.

For more information about BilingualCrossing, please visit www.bilingualcrossing.com.

Mary Waldron