ProductManagerCrossing Launches with More Than 2,500 Active Product Manager Job Openings

EmploymentCrossing recently launched a new website, ProductManagerCrossing. Searching for a product management job typically requires going to multiple websites to find jobs: employer websites, association websites, and multiple job boards. ProductManagerCrossing seeks to consolidate every product management job in one place. ProductManagerCrossing contains all types of job listings for those pursuing careers as product managers.

Pasadena, CA, June 02, 2008 --( Product managers are the key bridge between innovators in corporations and the marketplace. Product management is becoming more and more a global concept, and this niche industry now requires an exclusive job board listing every product manager job opening.

EmploymentCrossing ( recently launched ProductManagerCrossing (, a job-opening research site that seeks to consolidate every single job in the product management industry. By providing job seekers a “one-stop shop” for product manager jobs, ProductManagerCrossing can save job seekers hundreds of hours of unnecessary research by showing them every product manager job in the market at once.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment trends for product managers have taken an upward swing, and jobs related to product promotion are expected to increase by 18% between 2006 and 2016. Also, new product manager jobs are expected to appear as firms devote a greater percentage of their marketing budgets to product demonstration. Product managers, on the whole, will have no dearth of jobs in the coming decade.

However, the CEO of ProductManagerCrossing, A. Harrison Barnes, adds, “In this market it is extremely hard to get a job with a recruiter, and recruiters typically work with very few companies. Job openings that are not widely known or publicized are the easiest jobs to get, and those are the types of jobs we are looking for.”

The most popular searches on the site have been:

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Barnes emphasizes that ProductManagerCrossing is committed to finding new sources of jobs on a daily basis.

“ProductManagerCrossing is a research company that works for job seekers. We have developed a database of thousands of product manager jobs,” Barnes says. “We seek to connect you to employers.”

ProductManagerCrossing charges job seekers $29.95 to look at its job-opening research. However, it is currently offering a free, seven-day trial to allow users to familiarize themselves with the service. The free trial is available to everyone on the site’s registration page for a limited time.

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Mary Waldron