Sonitrol Pacific Puts One on the Run, K9 Unit Catches

Kent, WA, June 25, 2008 --( A K9 unit gave chase and police apprehended an individual suspected of breaking into a family entertainment center after a call from Sonitrol Pacific June 22.

An expert Sonitrol Pacific sound analyst received an impact-activated audio alarm from the business and used real-time audio technology to verify the nature of the alarm. The operator heard noise that sounded like glass breaking and called police.

Officers arrived at the building just as a man ran out and they pursued him on foot. A K9 unit caught up with the man and he was taken into custody.

Sonitrol Pacific has assisted law enforcement in the apprehension of more than 4900 suspects. In 2008, the company celebrates 30 years of providing verified electronic security to businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Sound Security, dba Sonitrol Pacific
Pamela Singleton