Nanotechnology Turning Energy & Textile Sectors Smart

The global nanotechnology market is rapidly growing due to its rising applications in textile and energy sector, strong government support and massive investment.

Delhi, India, June 26, 2008 --( According to a new market research report - “Nanotechnology Market Forecast to 2011” - by RNCOS, the rapidly growing nanotechnology market has immense potential applications in various industries such as energy and textile.

The report says that nanotechnology can found uses in the energy sector for various applications such as conversion, manufacturing improvements and storage by cutting materials and process rates, energy saving and improved renewable energy sources. Consequently, the market for nanoparticles in energy sector applications is poised to grow at a CAGR of over 59% by 2012 from 2006.

Moreover, the other industry where nanotechnology is rapidly making its place is the textile industry, says the RNCOS report. The nanotechnology applications in the textile industry mainly focus on nano surface coating of textiles, for instance, with deodorant substances and smart clothes, like intelligent textile embedded with sensors to count one’s pulse rate or communication instruments. The glut of applications is projected to push the nanotechnologies being used in textile industry at a CAGR of more than 53% by 2012.

Viewing the future prospects of nanotechnology, huge investments are being made in this sector, says the report. Both rich and poor governments around the world are hugely investing in the nanotechnology as a key to global economic competitiveness. The government support to boost the nanotechnology industry is not only being found in the developed countries but in developing countries like China, Taiwan and South Korea as well that are looking to synchronize the nanotechnology activities at the national level.

Energy and textile sectors are just part of the comprehensive research “Nanotechnology Market Forecast to 2011”. The report provides an outlook of the past, current and future market trends of the global nanotechnology market along with an overview on emerging nanotechnology markets. It also offers comprehensive information on various segments of nanotechnology market such as patent, application and R&D investment, and explores the issues impacting the growth of the market. It also provides detailed research on the nanotechnology market of key countries showing their dominance in the sector along with emerging countries in this domain.

The nanotechnology report gives forecast on nanotechnology market by component, nanotechnology in manufacturing goods by segment, nanotechnology funding by country, and nanorobots, NEMS, related materials and equipment market by segment.

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