MultiEyeVision Observer – A Novel Product for Remote Monitoring Based on Mobile Phones

MultiEyeVision Observer is a Mobile phone that is also capable of functioning as a remote monitoring camera. Image Stream can be viewed from anywhere over the Internet.

Pune, India, June 26, 2008 --( MultiEyeVision (, a technology group based in Pune, announced the release of their "MultiEyeVision Observer", which is a Mobile phone that is also capable of functioning as a remote monitoring camera. The product is motivated by a desire to offer an easy-to-use, inexpensive and hassle-free monitoring solution to consumers as well as businesses. The "Observer" is a preconfigured and preloaded mobile phone, and is available in several models of established brands.

The Observer mobile uses its inbuilt camera to capture images, and its inbuilt data connection to transmit the images continuously for secure viewing from anywhere over the internet. It does not need to be connected to a power supply because it can work on its inbuilt battery for several hours. Viewing the image stream is possible with any Internet-connected device such as a computer or even another mobile phone. The obvious advantages of the Observer over other solutions are that you don’t need cabling, a broadband connection or a computer and is therefore very easy to operate. The second advantage is the mobility – it can be moved and placed anywhere at any time. The best aspect about the Observer is that it also functions as a phone, which means you can call the location that you are observing, whenever you feel like.

The MultiEyeVision Observer can be used by individuals as well as by businesses. For example, the Observer can be placed at home to monitor the house / kids, or view elderly or sick relatives when you have to go to work. Also, there are many senior citizens whose children are away or abroad. The Observer allows the children abroad to "see" their parents in India whenever they feel like. There are many business applications too - the Observer can be placed in an office / business / workshop etc. to monitor smooth functioning while the owner is not in. Other potential applications of the Observer include monitoring of warehouses, outdoor locations, construction sites, franchises / dealer networks, hospitals / recovery rooms, restaurants, shops, etc.

Says Milind Pandit of MultiEyeVision, "This is a product for people who wish to be in two places at once. Placing the Observer allows you to monitor / observe a remote place without being there physically. Not only does the Observer enhance security, but it also saves time and costs associated with travel between places."

MultiEyeVision also builds custom solutions for Enterprises that have specific requirements for remote monitoring or data collection.

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