VisionQuest Finds Feedback from 2007 Client Survey

A year-end survey provides a boost of confidence and constructive criticism for a Raleigh-based wealth management firm.

Raleigh, NC, June 26, 2008 --( It is late 2007, and huddled around the board room table with last year’s client survey and empty coffee cups, VisionQuest Wealth Management’s team is doing some soul searching.

"What distinguishes us from other firms?"
"Are our clients reference-able?"
"How can we make every client a raving fan?"
"Should we conduct another client survey?"

Hearing all the comments from the team, President and CEO Stephen Peters chimes in, “We’ve had a very successful year, but we still have a lot of room for improvement and the best people to tell us how to improve are our clients. We’ve never been a firm to fear and avoid client feedback, we embrace it. Let’s conduct the survey.”

Service Perspective

Typically, firms in the industry shy away from feedback. A mere 1% of registered investment advisors and independent broker-dealer affiliates made use of any systematic form of client feedback, concluded Tiburon Strategic Advisors in a 2005 study.

While most wealth management firms serve their high net worth clients well, few step up to the role of ‘trusted advisor’ and ‘personal CFO.’ VisionQuest Wealth Management proves they are stepping up to that role. “The results of our survey were off the charts!” said Jessie Hrivnak, Director of Service. “Our clients value the advice process, which entails understanding the clients’ needs and life goals, gathering and analyzing information, developing options to attain the goals and having the ability to communicate the pros and cons of each option in an effort to facilitate better decision-making.”

Clients reported that VisionQuest’s values-based system and the team’s knowledge, experience and expertise distinguishes VisionQuest from other firms with which they have worked. “Other firms don’t take a personal interest in the client and the client’s family’s needs,” added one grateful client. The survey proved VisionQuest had little to fear. A whopping 100% of clients surveyed answered, “Yes, definitely,” to the question, “Would you recommend VisionQuest to a friend or colleague who needs wealth management services.”

President & CEO Steve Peters is proud of his team. “The quality of our people, solutions and services is what distinguishes us from other firms. It is evident through the survey that our firm has done a nice job of bringing together collaborative network experts, capabilities, solutions and processes all dedicated to helping clients use their wealth to achieve their life-long goals.” However, as the firm continues to grow and expand, VisionQuest understands that sustaining this level of performance will be the biggest challenge.

Now What?

When asked the question, “Can VisionQuest improve from here?” Peters immediately responded, “Absolutely! I’m never satisfied…there’s always room for improvement, and let’s discuss some of the areas VisionQuest will be focused on for 2008 and beyond.”

Aware of scalability concerns, VisionQuest plans to engage new partners and technology solutions to assist the team as they expand. “We’ve done a great job, but as we grow as a business we need to sustain the quality of our people, processes and solutions for our clients,” said Peters. “Our clients provided us with incredibly valuable trends that enable us to build solutions to meet their existing and future life events.”

VisionQuest recognizes that each client has unique needs and preferences. This survey allows the firm to be proactive in serving their clients and creating the ultimate client experience. The survey proved to be a smart decision and provided the team with a confidence boost and valuable guidance for how to make every client a “raving fan.”

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At VisionQuest Wealth Management, our mission is to ensure that our clients achieve their lifetime and financial goals by making wise decisions around their wealth. VisionQuest continues to revolutionize wealth management by offering customized services designed to meet specific needs and priorities. Our specialists are committed to serving a limited number of wealthy individuals, families and businesses.

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