OfficeTime's Mac Time Tracker Application, Version 1.3.2: the Speed and Stability Release

OfficeTime makes tracking your time more effective and quicker, with over 30 customer-influenced improvements. This release offers an even more stable and faster version of OfficeTime's business tool, based on the needs of its users.

Edmonton, Canada, June 26, 2008 --( Transcena Design, makers of OfficeTime, the Mac time tracker, has announced the release of Version 1.3.2. This update, dubbed the Speed and Stability Release, contains over 30 improvements that make this time tracking software faster and more responsive.

The long list of stability improvements go hand and hand with the OfficeTime's development team's belief in listening to their customers and quickly taking action. Their customer’s have taken notice.

"My experience with OfficeTime support in a word - is ’responsive!’ You guys get it. When we have problems with accounting for our time it's important, and it needs to be addressed quickly. However, I remain impressed as to how quickly your team responded." wrote Joseph Cincotta, of LineSynch Architecture in Vermont.

The team has added more than 100 new features and improvements in the last three months. Most of the improvements were suggestions by OfficeTime users.

OfficeTime's development team acts quickly and then provides all 1.x updates free to every current owner.

"I have found OfficeTime to be every bit as feature rich as other (1.x) software I've bought. It has also been extremely stable. I can't recall a single unexpected quit." - Bill Leddy, William Leddy Business Consulting, California

OfficeTime's latest version 1.3.2 has improved functionality for both Mac and Windows machines. An added bonus is that data can be moved seamlessly between both platforms.

Find out why teams, consultants and freelancers rely on OfficeTime's ease of use: intuitive reporting, quick invoicing, and full Leopard compatibility (including iCal synchronization). It just works. Intuitively and easily.

The cost is $47 with a full "120-day No-Hassles, Any-Reason, Money-Back Guarantee."

With this guarantee, in addition to OfficeTime's fully activated 21-day free trial, customers can feel confident trying out this business tool, with its no risk investment.

Mac User Groups may contact OfficeTime for further discounts. Journalists, newsletter publishers, bloggers and others may obtain a working version of OfficeTime and reprint any of our Tip of the Day items, with an agreement to review our product and include order information.

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Transcena Design Inc., a busy web and applications development firm, needed to track its employees' time. When they couldn't find a full featured, easy to use tracking application, this 17-year old agency (with a zest for clean design and usable interfaces), decided to build the OfficeTime time tracking application, a time-tracker based on real-world business needs.


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