VAnetworking Presents Seminar on Organize with Confidence is pleased to announce a seminar presented by Elizabeth Hagen.

Surrey, NJ, June 28, 2008 --( VAnetworking Presents Seminar on Organize with Confidence - Simplify Your Business Life and Make Every Moment Count.

On Wednesday, 7/9/2008, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. EST, Elizabeth Hagen will present Organize with Confidence - Simplify Your Business Life and Make Every Moment Count.

Elizabeth Hagen, CPO is an organizing consultant, author, and national speaker. Elizabeth’s passion is helping audiences get their life and space organized and then sees them smile with satisfaction. Elizabeth has spent the last 25 years developing systems and tools so that her clients save time, energy, and money and have a lot less stress. Elizabeth teaches 'Fearless Organizing' and is the author of the "Organize with Confidence" book and manual. You can experience the joy of working in an environment that enables you to be fearless, successful, and extraordinary.

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Do you?
• Find yourself being overwhelmed by all the clutter?
• Find yourself putting things here ‘just for now’ because you don’t know what else to do?
• Wish you had a plan each day so you could feel like you got something important done by the end of the day?

Face it; disorganization can be a disaster - both personally and professionally. Clutter complicates our lives and costs time, money, and self-esteem.

With ‘Organize with Confidence’ you will:
o Discover the easy method to get organized
o Prioritize your day in less than 60 seconds
o Learn the 3 simples decisions to tame the paper tiger once and for all
o Discover confidence in order

You will leave this workshop with a fresh perspective supported by a specific, personalized action plan to get organized and see your self-worth, one step at a time.

As a Certified Professional Organizer, member of the National Speakers Association, and author of Organize with Confidence, nationally known speaker Elizabeth Hagen will teach us the common-sense systems and tools she has developed over 25 years. She will help us get organized, use our valuable time more wisely and feel great about ourselves. You will face the rest of the year with more confidence because you will know how to accomplish what you’ve been promising yourself for years - making that ‘organization mission happen’.

Please join them at on Wednesday, 7/9/2008 at 6:00 p.m. (EST) so that you can learn Stop disorder from stopping you! It's time to make your life easier.

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Tawnya Sutherland
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Tawnya Sutherland
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