Sapcon Instruments Presents a Range of Fuel & Liquid Level Sensors for the PLC, SCADA Systems

Sapcon Instruments launches the Translite family of capacitance based fuel & liquid level switches and sensors with 2 wire option Trans2lite for decreasing installation costs and Trans~lite for high temperature fluids such as boiling water.

Indore, India, June 29, 2008 --( Sapcon Instruments, the fast growing process control and automation solutions provider, today informed the press about the launch of its Translite family of capacitance based level sensors which can be used as process control instruments for conductive or conductive liquids and fine coarse or bulk solids. The company is already in negotiation with many companies in India and South -East Asia where PLC & SCADA systems are in place for using the Translite family level sensors as fuel/oil/diesel level sensors.

Translite family of level sensors deploy a micro controller with a fast RISC processor. Power supply within DC automation is available from 11 to 55 VDC, addressing the need for 12V, 24V and 48V industrial supply options.4-20mA Current Loop is galvanically isolated (4 Wire) and PLC, SCADA compatible.4-20mA Current Loop can supply up to 1000 Ohm series load with 24VDC supply. This means 4-20mA signal can be carried to longer distance.

"The Trans~lite variant is suited for applications where they need the probe and the electronics unit away from each other, it supports a distance of up to 5 meters", comments Ashwin Palshikar, Chief Marketing Officer, Sapcon Instruments. "In water boilers and treatment plants, the temperature of the material sometimes goes well beyond 100 degree C. Translite family of continuous level indication sensors offer the most inexpensive solution as compared to other technologies. We wanted to offer the industry something which is as good as a higher level technology and costs almost one tenth, significantly reducing the upfront investment", Ashwin was heard saying.

When asked about the Trans2lite version the company informed that this version is useful for decreasing the installation costs. "How many level instrument providers offer 2 wire in capacitance? Very few. Trans2lite, the name itself has the number 2! It saves the cost of installation and operation as 3rd wire isn't used. We have used a combination of 4 DIP switches in Trans2lite using which the users can calibrate in steps of 10% from 0-100%. Helps in having a minimum empty-fill requirement at the time of commissioning." continued Mr. Palshikar.

Translite family if being launched worldwide by Sapcon and will be displayed in the upcoming industrial conferences in India and abroad. The company also told to the press that any customization required by clients and feedback for the instrument will be readily taken up.

About Sapcon Instruments

Sapcon Instruments is a fast growing process control and automation company focusing on level sensing and speed monitoring solutions. Sapcon creates develops and markets level sensors, transmitters, indicators and switches for industrial clients all over the world.

Established in 1983, Sapcon has been the preferred choice of custom made sensors and switches for level monitoring. The company also has a separate custom electronics manufacturing wing for OEM manufacturing which caters to the OEM requirements where level probes, level related electronics and circuitry are needed. Sapcon has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in India which offers low cost level sensing solutions to clients worldwide marketed directly as well as through a stout distribution channels with partners in 12 countries.

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