GotAmobi Converts Cell Phones Into Portable POS Devices

The age of the mobile web is here. Recent advancements in mobile web technology are changing the consumer market. Reaching a broader, more accessible audience is now possible.

Salem, OH, July 05, 2008 --( More people are on the go today than ever before, carrying their lives in their pocket in the form of web-enabled cell phones, 3G wireless handsets, Smartphones, and PDA's. Consumers are demanding instant, on-the-go access to information. But accessing a standard website on a mobile phone can be frustrating, time-consuming and costly, as data download rates soar. Today's websites are designed to work with Internet browsers on personal computers, not mobile phones/devices. has found a solution - not only for the end user, but also for all those consumers, businesses and retailers who want to make their information more accessible to the public.

GotAmobi, Inc., a U.S. based company, today announced the launch of its all-mobile web community.

Company President Damien Lieggi stated: "We wanted to construct a one-stop all-mobile community environment, where anyone could create and publish a website optimized for viewing on cell phones and handheld devices. These personal, e-commerce, business, and organizational mobile websites utilize an easy, mistake-free site builder, and incorporate multimedia content as well for photos, video and music. Anyone can build a professional and mobileOK-standards-compliant website using and a desktop/laptop computer." Mr. Lieggi went on to say, "We're at the bleeding edge of innovation and culture. Allowing the user to create a mobile e-commerce website basically converts their mobile device into a portable Point-Of-Sale (POS) device."

Company Vice President, Alan Monteforte stated that, "GotAmobi's standards-compliant technology will profoundly reduce or possibly eliminate the problems facing mobile web access. GotAmobi brings fast loading, vivid, and easy-to-navigate mobile websites to the cell phone generation. High data rate usage costs, inept scrolling, slow load times, and cumbersome old-generation web features are eliminated."

The all-mobile GotAmobi web community offers the user a full spectrum of mobile applications, including video, music, and photo sharing, chat, SMS, email, ringtones and more. Even the mobile search feature only returns results, which are mobile-content specific. GotAmobi has just completed beta testing and is making its official public launch on July 01, 2008. Its custom mobile site builder is available in 8 languages and currently supports most browsers.

There are more than 2.4 billion cell phone users worldwide, with more than 1,000 new customers added every minute. Currently, there are nearly twice as many people in the world with access to an Internet-ready mobile device than a PC with Internet access. Now is the right time for GotAmobi.

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