The Secret to Past Life Regression from Ferguson & Associates Hypnotherapy LLC

“Most people will focus on whether the regression was real or not. But the real secret to past lives is; how has the client’s life improved because of the regression? Have unexplained hurts been allowed to fade? Confusion and chaos replaced by peace and harmony? Our clients say yes,” states Drew Ferguson. Drew & Dawn Ferguson, Certified Hypnotists state what they have found through the clients they have regressed.

St. Charles, MO, July 10, 2008 --( Past lives are drawing media attention with recent appearances on day time television. Many people may find themselves curious but with a healthy dose of skepticism. “Clients will call with 2 primary questions concerning past life regressions. The first; is it real? We explain there is plenty of info from both sides stating fact or fiction. As Certified Hypnotists, we have regressed hundreds of clients and this is what we have found; could it be a past life- maybe…could it be an energy stamp being tapped into-maybe…or could it be the clients mind saying hey, if this is the only way this issue is going to get attention then that’s how it will be presented-maybe. Our emphasis is on the client’s current state of well being and how they can use this past life information to enhance that well being”, says Dawn Ferguson, co-founder of Ferguson & Associates Hypnotherapy.

“The second; is it safe? Yes it is. But I really disagree with how clients were lead back into a reliving regression on TV. If someone has a painful memory, why replay that pain again, unless it’s for sensationalism. Our clients are always directed to a viewing regression first, and only if they convey a feeling of safety, a reliving regression is introduced. Either way, information can be brought forth without intense emotions”, continues Dawn Ferguson.

So, what should you look for in a regressional Hypnotist to make the most of a past life experience? The Ferguson’s who are Certified Hypnotists give these 3 ideas:

Make sure your Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist is certified by a national sanctioning body such as the National Guild of Hypnotist’s.

The Hypnotist should make no personal claims of healing. They are a guide and facilitator only, the client is the one who holds the power.

The Hypnotist/Hypnotherapists’ personal beliefs should never be expressed nor allowed to interfere in the client’s sessions. It is the client’s beliefs that are being explored, not the facilitators.

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