National Retail Brokers Changes Name to NRAN - National Retail Advisors Network

National Retail Advisors Network™ is a National Network of Professionals in the retail real estate industry. NRAN™ accepts members from commercial real estate brokerage, law, development, contracting, property management and finance companies

Pittsburgh, PA, July 10, 2008 --( National Retail Brokers President, Douglas F. Edwards, announced today the rebranding and renaming of National Retail Brokers to National Retail Advisors Network, or NRAN. When asked the reason for this dramatic change, Mr. Edwards replied , "We received such an overwhelming response from all six sectors involved and felt it was more appealing to our members to use a name which appropriately referenced all of the professionals involved in our network." He went on to say, "The name National Retail Brokers was originally created when the alliance was planing to only incorporate real estate brokerage firms. Now that we are accepting members from all ends of the retail real estate world, National Retail Advisors Network is simply more fitting."

The name change and further information can be found in July's issues of Dealmakers Magazine, Shopping Center Business, Heartland Real Estate Business Magazine, Northeast Real Estate Business Magazine Southeast Real Estate Business Magazine Western Real Estate Business Magazine, Texas Real Estate Business Magazine, Carolinas Commercial Properties Magazine, Georgia Commercial Properties Magazine, Florida Commercial Properties Magazine or the Deal Makers Broker Guide.

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About NRAN:

National Retail Advisors Network ™is a National Alliance of Professionals in the retail real estate industry. Unlike the traditional alliances, NRAN ™ includes members, not only from retail brokerage firms, but also from retail real estate law firms, development firms, contracting companies, property management firms and finance companies.

NRAN ™, through extensive research using US census demographics, member opinions, and geographic boundaries, has divided the US into over 185 potential market areas. In each of those 185 areas, NRB will be selling one exclusive membership to each of the six sectors (retail brokerage firms, real estate law firms, development firms, contracting companies, property management firms and finance companies) Once membership is full, NRAN ™ will have presence from all of the professionals listed above in each of the 185 market areas. NRAN ™ will have 1,110 affiliate offices creating the nations largest alliance of retail real estate professionals.

One goal of NRAN ™ is to unite smaller companies from around the US, to help give them an edge against the larger national firms. The names National Retail Advisors ™, NRAN™, National Retail Lawyers™, National Retail Contractors™, National Retail Brokers™, National Retail Developers™, National Retail Finance™, and National Retail Management™ will be licensed to each member company with a choice to use the name or to add it to the current company name. By doing this, NRAN ™ hopes to assist their members in gaining national recognition, which in turn will help drive their client lists to numbers never seen before.

Along with the national recognition, members will also be involved in a national referral network. This will give members the ability to send clients from one territory to the members in other territories and pass referral fees to each other. Keep in mind, NRAN ™ operates solely on annual membership dues and does not request portions of any of the commissions or fees earned by its member companies.

Retail Power Teams™:
Another goal of this Alliance is what NRAN ™ refers to as the "Power Team Concept." By accepting members from all aspects of the retail real estate industry, each team in each territory will have the ability to approach new clients with professionals that handle all steps of a retail transaction, including site selection (Brokers), contract preparation (Lawyers), development (Developers), funding (Finance), construction (Contractors) and management of the completed project (Property Management). This concept basically creates a "one stop shop" for the potential client and can be a very powerful method of obtaining new clients.

The National Retail Advisors Network's™corporate office is currently located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Please feel free to go to the contact page for more information and a membership application

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