Tracesmart Corporate Enhances Trace Team Productivity

Tracesmart Corporate launch new tracing case management system to aid in reuniting assets.

Cardiff, United Kingdom, July 12, 2008 --( Tracesmart Ltd, leading providers of consumer tracing, data cleansing and id verification services have developed a new case management system, which is now being employed by their in-depth tracing agents. The system was developed to ensure higher levels of productivity for the company’s clients, in response to the recent demand for asset reunification tracing.

The considerable increase in demand for Tracesmart’s asset reunification services is partly due to the movement of the Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Bill through parliament. The Bill, which is awaiting a second reading in the House of Commons, was devised to put in place an unclaimed assets scheme for the UK; such as scheme would see dormant assets reinvested into projects to benefit the community. Prior to such a scheme being realised, financial institutions are being encouraged to embark on pro-active asset reunification programs, which require the professional services of companies such as Tracesmart. The new tracing case management system will allow their in-depth tracing agents to manage their cases more efficiently and most importantly – trace people and reunite assets quicker. This in turn will ensure that Tracesmart’s clients enjoy the highest standard of results, in the quickest possible time.

This focus on customer service is also reflected in certain aspects of the new system as Paul Weathersby, Technical Director for Tracesmart Ltd, and Tracesmart's in-house technical team have also integrated invoicing into the system to ensure accuracy in all outgoing invoices and quotes. Commenting on additional functionality, Weathersby noted, "The new tracing case management system allows our staff involved with asset reunification exercises to upload batch data, which could be thousands of cases, as well as any other pertinent files and notes onto the system. The upload process is quick and accessible and it means everything our in-depth tracers require to trace people is at their fingertips." Apart from helping increase staff productivity the new electronic system is also more secure, and paper free – which means Tracesmart's resources are not wasted and the tracing case management process is environmentally friendly.

Tracesmart's team of in-depth tracers are led by Michael Thraves, Tracing Manager, and the new tracing case management system allows him to ensure that he gets the most out of his team, "The system provides me with more detailed statistical data than I previously had access to, this in turn allows me to monitor my staff's performance incredibly effectively and provides me with more control over productivity levels. The new case management system also helps my team and I to deliver a higher standard of customer service – any enquiries relating to a particular trace can be dealt with exceedingly swiftly." comments Thraves.

Notes to editors
Tracesmart Corporate supply a diverse range of consumer data cleansing, identification and tracing tools to a wide variety of industries. The B2B division of Tracesmart Ltd, their client base ranges from SME to Blue Chip, who are all recipients of bespoke solutions built around their specific needs.

The Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Bill aims to install a framework for an unclaimed assets scheme which will distribute money from dormant accounts for the benefit of the community, whilst also protecting the rights of the account owners to reclaim their money at any point.

Paul Weathersby is the driving force behind the development and production of Tracesmart's suite of web-based services, and manages and directs their experienced IT team.

Michael Thraves is a highly experienced tracer and manages Tracesmart’s team of in-depth tracing agents. The team work with many of the UK’s well known financial institutions on asset reunification campaigns.

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