Why Use an Online Office Facility? Project Management Online from Discover Office Solutions Suite

Discover Office Solutions Suite has just been launched by Discover and Invest. The suite is a full online office facility and project management tool, offering clients the ability to share documents online, view all employees calendars and keep track of vital and urgent tasks.

London, United Kingdom, July 23, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Gone are the days where the office administrator hand-wrote all correspondence, and appointments were kept in a paper diary. Nearly every business uses an internal computer-based system to increase communication and productivity within the office. This requires instant access to files whether you are in the office or away on a business trip, access to clients own diary appointments as well as team members, client contacts, company expenses, etc.

Most businesses have some form of internal company structure that they use for all the day to day needs of running their office. However, few companies integrate all of their systems in one place. There are clear advantages of this where each employee can refer to everything they require in order to undertake their role efficiently within the company. There are very few options for those who want to manage their office affairs from both their desk and elsewhere, but having the ability to easily access company data from any computer is invaluable, whether it is in an internet café, a client’s office or a friend’s house, and all that is required is access to the internet.

Discover Office Solution Suite is a private space on the Web that gives employees in a company the ability to organise information, readily access that information, manage documents, share calendars and enable efficient collaboration, all in a familiar, browser-based environment. Because all important business information resides in a central repository, it's available at any time, from anywhere in the world, using a simple web browser.

Authorised users outside their company such as their remote workers, suppliers, partners or clients can also use it to collaborate, communicate and share business critical information. Discover Office Solution Suite enables them to:

- Share documents with anyone the client may authorise
- Schedule meetings and sharing calendars with colleagues and remote workers
- Conduct discussions on everything from product ideas to team member suggestions
- Create and share access to information databases, and build clients own database-driven applications
- Manage and delegate action items and project tasks
- Maintain standard contact directories of all their team members, suppliers and customers
- Conduct opinion polls among one another
- Post announcements and sharing web links

Now having an equipped tool that fulfills all of their operational requirements not only enables clients to perform well as a company for clients valued customers and clients, but also as a team where, even if they are not always together in any one day, they are all fully prepped on what is going on at any given time.

The unique set up of Discover Office Solution Suite enables companies to take their work anywhere and thus not restricting our time to one place. Upon arrival, if some documents had been damaged in storage on the flight and were not in a presentable condition for a meeting the following day, this would ordinarily have posed a problem. However, because these are stored on the company Web Documents, they were easily accessed on the client’s computer and re-printed ready for the meeting.

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