New Geared Motor Range Launched by David Brown

David Brown has recently launched its F2 geared motor range to ensure their geared motor range meets the modern demands of the engineering business.

Huddersfield, United Kingdom, July 26, 2008 --( David Brown has launched its new F2 range of geared motors. The F2 is available in eleven sizes up to 110 kW capacity and combines high performance characteristics and instant availability with David Brown’s other recognised brand values.

Overall product performance has been bettered thanks to a range of design improvements. Wider gear teeth and heavier and harder-wearing bearings combine to produce a 20% improvement in output from a given footprint and the F2, which is entirely designed, manufactured and assembled in Europe employs fewer components than previous models.

A further feature of David Brown’s F2 range is its dry fit capability which means that the motors can be removed and replaced simply and without exposing the gearbox. In some lower spec units currently on the market the absence of this feature commonly leads to loss of lubricant and increased maintenance costs.

F2 is the product of careful development by David Brown and its European sister company Benzlers, and also represents an ongoing investment in its modular geared motor range, utilising many common components from the Series M, K & C ranges already available. This not only makes specification of the most suitable geared motor unit easier for all sections of the supply chain, but significantly reduces inventory requirements.

“This latest development continues David Brown’s commitment to providing a smarter range of products with real benefits for the customer,” commented (Chris Morrell / General Manager Standard Products). “It will also help to extend our cooperation with distributor partners to offer off-the-shelf availability, plus a wealth of applications experience and practical advice to all sections of the market place.”

The modular approach to F2’s design and construction means that 600 elements can be combined to create a staggering ten million assembly permutations in terms of capacity, configuration and application suitability.

David Brown
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