Psychsoftpc Announces the Psyborg Business Class PC

For all those business people out there who are sick of riding coach, Psychsoftpc believes it's time for an upgrade. Psychsoftpc says "Welcome to Business Class" with announcement of the Psyborg Business Class PC.

Quincy, MA, July 29, 2008 --( In response to the current trend of low end computers for business, PCs with cramped hard drives, little RAM that has to be shared with on board video that can barely run Power Point, and low end processors, Psychsoftpc announces the Psyborg Business Class PC. The Psyborg Business Class PC gives business people the performance they need to be productive right out of the box, without that feeling they have when the airlines ask them to shell out for the blankets and peanuts.

In business, productivity matters, and, when it comes to computers, productivity means performance. Business people don't have time to sit around and wait. This is especially true in a small business, where people perform many tasks and wear many hats. The folks at Psychsoftpc believe that what business people need is a computer that will let them do their jobs quickly and efficiently right out of the box, without the need for upgrades. That is why Psychsoftpc is introducing the Psyborg Business Class PC.

The Psyborg Business Class PC has a hard drive with enough room to stretch one's legs, a responsive processor, a dedicated video card with its own RAM for all those Power Point presentations and Word layouts and plenty of system RAM which needn't be share, so this PC can actually do multitasking just like business people do all day long. And it comes with a choice of Vista Business, Microsoft’s true business operating system, or SUSE Linux.

Put that all together, and you have a computer that will allow business people to be more productive from the get go. When business people have to spend less time worrying about their tools, they have more time to spend on actual work.

So, for all those business people out there ready to move out of coach, Psychsoftpc says: "Welcome to Business Class".

Tim Lynch