eLagaan.com - Prepare and File Your Income Tax Returns in India for Free

Bangalore, India, August 07, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The Department of Income tax has allowed filing of Income tax Returns (ITRs) through the internet, who has also appointed TRPs to help people in preparing and filing the return (at a nominal cost). A person is required to furnish the details of Income and expenditure from various sources to the TRPs who does the calculations, prepares and files the return. A group of chartered accountants, tax experts and software professionals have launched a web based utility called www.eLagaan.com through which every individual can now prepare and file their returns online and absolutely Free of cost.

eLagaan follows a step by step simple question-answer model, which has been well proven to be very effective methodology for preparing tax returns. eLagaan is kept updated with the latest applicable tax laws and brings the benefit of tax expert’s experience and knowledge to make it very-very simple and easy for its users to prepare their tax returns.

A user can create multiple profiles and prepare returns not just for himself but also for his other family members, friends and clients. Once logged in, the user needs to select the sources of incomes based on which the applicable ITR is decided. User is then taken to various screens asking simple and easy to understand questions about incomes, expenses, savings etc. These sessions are saved and a user can access/edit their information anytime as per their convenience. On successful completion of all the guided steps, tax returns are generated in both pdf and xml versions. The users need to log into www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in and upload the xml version to file their returns. For a person having a digital signature, this is the final step in filing tax returns but for others, they need to sign the acknowledgement form generated on filing the returns and deposit it at IT Office or designated post offices across India.

eLagaan offers various membership types (Premium, Royale, Select, Associate and Fellow), which has been designed keeping in view diverse needs of Individuals and Tax Professionals. All memberships offer highest level of accuracy and features and doesn’t discriminates from tax/ ITR perspective. The differences are mostly in terms of allowed number of user profiles per account and offline technical support options. eLagaan currently supports ITR1 and support for other ITRs will be launched very soon.

eLagaan offers a user experience that is class apart and one of the best in the industry in terms of features, navigation, accuracy, security and state-of-the-art technology, resulting in high tax savings.

Monika Rungta, a Chartered Accountant and CEO of eLagaan.com, said that the number of TRPs is much smaller than required and people face lot of difficulty in locating or contacting them. Due to this many people are still filing their returns, as it was being done, in physical form which is very cumbersome and not eco-friendly. Moreover, in many cities and villages, there are no TRPs available. Now it will be very easy for every body to get the required help from eLagaan.com free of cost.

Monika says that many persons, who fall within the exempted income limit and those on the border line, are not filing their returns thinking it to be cumbersome and remain satisfied with their tax deducted at source by the employer. It will be beneficial for them to file their returns, as they can take advantage of tax laws for deductions and find it wiser to adopt savings as a habit and even get refund of TDS. Many persons do not file returns of their wives and children and in their Hindu Undivided Family files, do not know that by filing returns of their wives, children and HUFs, even if it is not within taxable limit, they can also bring on record their additional source of income, which may be very high sums on a cumulative basis. If they start filing returns, this problem will be greatly solved.

eLagaan plans to launch various financial, tax planning and related services in near future and aims to be a 1 stop solution for all tax related needs.

So fill It… file It... forget It and leave all your tax worries to eLagaan.

Monika Rungta