STE Oil Emerges as Top Leader in White Mineral Oil Industry

Once again, STE Oil Company Inc. has proven its mettle as a leader in the white mineral oil industry with its top quality mineral oil products and wide range of quantity options. Clients from different industries and businesses have cited the company's top quality products as the primary factor... - November 24, 2011 - STE Oil

Verde Biofuel Building One-of-a-Kind Mobile "Seed to Fuel" Biodiesel Processor

North Carolina's traditional tobacco farms are switching to other crops, so the state’s Southeastern Community College in Whiteville, has initiated a program to educate farmers on the ins-and-outs of biodiesel manufacturing, anticipating producers will be growing more oilseeds in the future. Southeastern Community College will be using a mobile biodiesel processor built by Jerome, Arizona-based Verde Biofuel for this program. - December 12, 2009 - Verde Biofuel

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