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  • Denali Receives Top Review Honors from CPA Practice Advisor - 4¾ Stars


    DENALI received top honors in The CPA Practice Advisors’ 2011 Review of On-Premises Small Business Accounting Systems. The reviewed covered Basic System Functions, Basic System Functions, Day-To-Day Operations, Day-To-Day Operations, Day-To-Day Operations, Day-To-Day Operations and Executive Summary & Pricing. Cougar Mountain Software received 4 ¾ stars out of 5, in DENALI’s first business accounting review.

    Mary Girsch-Bock wrote, “With solid accounting functionality as well as specialty products available for retailers, and a Fund accounting module to be released at the end of April, Denali definitely moves Cougar Mountain Software into the big leagues.”$3277

  • DENALI Reviewed in Accounting Today


    Accounting Today featured a packaged accounting application review in their February issue; “Making the next step: Mid-range accounting packages offer more capabilities for more users”, and Cougar Mountain Software’s DENALI 3.0 was included. Ted Needleman said (DENALI’s)

    “Navigation is attractive and easy to follow, with flow charts for general system task flow and buttons on a top tool bar to select individual applications. There's also a task panel on the left side of the screen that brings up different flowchart views”.

  • Point-of-Sale Receives 4.5 Stars from The CPA Technology Advisor


    The CPA Technology Advisor published its review of "Retail Point-of-Sale Systems" in their September issue and CMS Professional 2011 POS received 4.5 stars. The review covered six areas: Basic System Functions, Specialized Features/Services, Tracking/Reporting, Integration/Import/Export, Help/Support and Summary & Pricing. Mary Girsch-Bock wrote:

    "Cougar Mountain Software (CMS) continues to be a staple for the small business owner. The Point-of-Sale module inside of CMS Professional 2011 POS software package is designed to not only work in tandem with the core accounting suite, but can function as a standalone POS software package (including Inventory)."

  • CMS Professional 2011 Payroll Reviewed by The CPA Technology Advisor


    The CPA Technology Advisor reviewed CMS Professional 2011 Payroll in their September "2010 Review of Professional Payroll Systems" and awarded us 4.5 stars. The review covered six areas: Basic System Functions, Reporting & Monitoring, Integration/Import/Export, Help/Support, Client Self-Service Features and Summary & Pricing. Isaac M. O'Bannon wrote:

    "CMS Professional 2011 Payroll provides a comprehensive payroll management solution best suited to small and mid-sized enterprises who manage the functions in-house."

  • FUND Nonprofit Review in & Accounting Today


    Dave McClure reviewed our CMS Professional 2010 FUND in Accounting Today's, May 2010, "NFP accounting: Better than Ever, New regs, expectations place greater demands on nonprofit apps" article, also published on WebCPA's website. The review focused on eight leading FUND accounting software developers, and how they have dealt with the new regulations that have been placed upon nonprofits over the past two years, including the redesign of the IRS Form 990.

    Dave wrote of our FUND Suite as "a wealth of flexible tools that will fit the needs of almost any size or configuration of nonprofit".

  • CMS Professional 2010 is Awarded 5 Stars from The CPA Technology Advisor


    The CPA Technology Advisor awarded Cougar Mountain Software another 5 star review for CMS Professional 2010. We are the ONLY company reviewed this year that received a perfect score, 5 stars.

    The 2010 Review of Small Business Accounting Systems was changed this year, focusing on products that are installed on users’ computers only, and cost no more than $5,500 for the core accounting system. New categories were also created so that the review was easier to understand.

    Mary Girsch-Bock wrote, “CMS Professional 2010 is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that desire a feature-rich environment at a very reasonable price. With an extensive array of add-on modules, as well as the availability of the more powerful DENALI system for future system upgrading, users will never outgrow this vendor’s powerful product line.”

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