Clients & Brands

  • “The Heart Health (CV) Pack is an excellent supplement. My husband, Robert, and I take the Pack daily and it has helped lower my blood pressure. I showed the ingredients to my doctor and he recommended I continue taking them.”

  • “I went from a size 18 to a size 12 thanks to Millennium Hoodia and CFX. I take one Hoodia before breakfast and dinner and one CFX after. The results have been fantastic. In the past year I lost 29 pounds dropping from 197 to 168 pounds and have kept it off. My daughter has also lost 40 pounds with no side effects. Thanks Elite! Hoodia and CFX really, really work!”

  • "I am very pleased that the Millennium Protein Drink Mix is now available in Canada! I use it for breakfast about six days a week, and hate to be without it. It's great with milk or other liquids, but I like it best mixed with fruit in the blender. I know I'm getting a well-rounded breakfast with Goldshield's Millennium Protein Drink Mix!"

  • "I started taking Thermo-Lift Millennium and I have to tell you it really suppresses my appetite! I no longer feel like snacking throughout the day as I have in the past. I am not the type to weigh myself, I judge by how I feel and how my clothes fit. I feel great and my clothes are feeling looser on me! I just placed another order for Millennium and ordered some sample packets to share with...

  • "I love Pulsate Plus. It gives you what you need all at once. After taking it, I felt an overall sense of well-being. I took it in the morning and by lunchtime, when I would normally feel an energy slump, I was ready to keep going."

  • “My doctor recommended I use Rejuvenate Natural Balancing Crème when other products just weren’t working, or the side effects were too severe. Once I started applying the crème, right away I noticed a difference, and I haven’t stopped using it since. I’ve now been using it everyday for three years. The product has been a great success for me!”