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Approach Social, Client since 2005
A cellphone social network that is based on geolocation. There are several technologies that allow this, a couple being bluetooth and cellular localization. Bluetooth has not been used this way yet, and cellular localization is a new name to technology usually seen on the forensic files. This incubation is seeking $300-500K. It has a unique approach to meeting people and even "on-spot" dating. Super... More info, Client since 1995
Providing quality per minute and per call psychic entertainment. Specializing in parties, love and quick advice. The domain Address has high natural type in traffic. With development could be a top searched and used site. The lab is seeking $385,000 for completed incubation and would be very grateful for technology donations and endowments for this and and other studies.

DIGITALFRANKESTEIN.COM is an incubation for bulk bandwidth sales and has access to large Providers of bandwidth. Aided by its secret weapon BandwidthSales.Com aggregating traffic. Price per connection is is targeted to be lower in all "available" cases with high quality connections and is superior to other more expensive sources. DIGITALFRANKESTEIN.COM's offers 65 : 1 throughput advantage (versus a... More info

Fox Media Services, Client since 1988
Fox Media Services - Phasing into Fox Media Lab by 2008 Fox Media Services has been providing National Direct Response Media Management, Representation and Consultation since early 1988. You have found your way here because you, your company, or even your media agency needs help in some aspect of media marketing. Joe has a holistic approach to Direct Response that has enabled for him to combine convergent... More info

foxwifi.Net, Client since 2005
Concept Co. 5-8 mile radius wifi. This is also a test of local and individual broadcasts to take hold. Local gets strong again. Our .MOBI incubations will be tested through our own very "local" network, in addition to the industries best and widest methods. Low development cost, high and/or long reward incubation. Premiere throughput and coverage are integral initial goals.

Local Arts TV, Client since 1994
Local Arts TV is syndicates content from Night Clubs, concert halls, coffee shops, auditorium or any other location where people gather to be entertained. With the Lab's assistance they will set up "remote" cameras. The Camera will be pan-able and zoom-able. Shows will be "produced" live and off-line "remotely" through the internet. Seeking $2 mln for 10% equity stake for full incubation of one... More info

MARXBROS.MOBI, Client since 2007
Free streaming classic Marx Bros content. Introducing a whole new generation to the genius of the Brothers Marx. In addition there will be a search-able data base of Marx bros information. Links to free content and a custom game that can be played on the go. Of course there will be ringtones, memorabilia, and cool marxist products! Seeking sponsors, technology donations, especially bandwidth.

STOOGES.MOBI, Client since 2006
Free streaming classic Stooges content. Introducing a whole new generation to the genius of the slap-stick humor of the Stooges trio . In addition there will be a search-able data base of Stooges information. Ring tones, memorabilia, and cool stooge things will be available for purchase. A really wacky mobile dating service will be all the rage. Seeking sponsors, technology donations, especially... More info

Tattle, Client since 2006
Another cellular localization based company whereby members report bad/rage/impolite driving via mobile devices and cell phones. It is a membership site with low annual fee. The revenue bases are membership fee, ad supported, but primarily data mining for insurance companies. This incubation is seeking industry and capital partners. Very unique and very good profit for a low operational cost company. More info

TechDomainSales.Com, Client since 2005
Tech Domain Sales has some of the very best domains for up-and-coming technologies, as well as ones already here. TechDomainSales.COM and its sister site WebWaterfronts.Com offer “only” Premium Domains that have intrinsic traffic and value. They are referred to as DAS Domains – Direct Access Searchable. These names have been researched and reserved by industry veteran and Executive Producer of... More info

Three O Venture Capital, Client since 2007
Investment Technology Funding company seeking capital partner, for investment in Internet 3.0 technologies, as well as technologies that embody the future of clean living in a new age. Those include green and biotechnologies, but also companies that produce and software load Integrated Circuits, nanotechnologies (especially coatings), Biotech Food and alternative energy sources. Have a group of companies... More info

UBZ2 Expanded Summary, Client since 2004
UBZ2 Expanded Summary UBZ2 Overview UGC, Social Networking & Streaming UBZ2.COM was conceived and developed by Fox Media Lab. Its objective is to be the definitive “Home of Schedules” on the Internet. It is comprised on 31 autonomous portals trafficking Sports and Activities interests. These Portals have over 300 Premium Direct Access Search-able Domains bolstering its myriad of native search... More info

Yukon Mine, Client since 2007
Off-Line property. Actual "Gold Mine" located in the Yukon outside Yellowknife the very famous gold rush town in Canada. Series of 61 claims that include over ten miles of creeks never mined before. very rare opportunity need funding to begin mining "ice road" truckers need to bring equipment there this winter for early spring mining operation. Very rare property, fully vetted. This hunk of gold was... More info

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