Pet Skin Doctor LLC (PSD) Announces Supply Chain Strategic Alliances

Pet Skin Doctor LLC announces the Strategic Alliances of several key partners in the their supply chain. PSD through their Essential Needs Brand manufactures and distributes Pet Food Supplement and Skin Treatment products that promote optimal health for loved pets. PSD’s company motto is... - June 25, 2012

Pet Skin Doctor LLC (PSD) Announces Partnership

Pet Skin Doctor LLC announces the Partnership of David Long of Pet Skin Doctor LLC and Joe Fox of Fox Media Lab. Joe Fox, long time Direct Response TV Media Company Executive, and Internet pioneer has joined forces with Pet Skin Doctor LLC’s David Long, who has been instrumental in creating... - June 20, 2012

UBZ2.COM LLC Global Sports Social Network Adds More Functions Through Company Aquisition

UBZ2.COM acquires several other companies similar to its on pedigree. Fox Media Lab, sells additional companies to expand the products, services and functions of UBZ2.COM Global Sports Social Network. - June 05, 2008

Fox Media Lab's Incubated Communications Company UBZ2.COM LLC Garners $125,000,000 International Technology Loan

Fox Media Lab's Incubated Communications Company UBZ2.COM LLC Garners $125,000,000 International Technology Loan

UBZ2.COM LLC enters as the first sports world wide social network. They have been awarded a 10-year low interest Technology Loan from Russian Volk Finance Group, located in Moscow. - April 29, 2008

UBZ2.COM Forms LLC in Massachusetts

UBZ2.COM LLC forms after four year incubation. Fox Media Lab's first incubation is also their first incorporation. UBZ2.COM plans expanded. UBZ2 creates Sports, Peace and Activity Centers with varied and unique functions, making it a social network that touches the ground and is more than just chit-chat. - April 29, 2008 Social Networking Portal Gets Angel premiere company incubation of Fox Media Lab garners seed funding. It is a Social Networking Portal where coaches and parents can manage their kids sports and activities. They are given publishing privileges to create a myriad of custom “team” specific content. Members support their team by buying innovative products. UBZ2 uses a proprietary device to ensure the most secure social networking site on the internet. - January 30, 2008

FOX Media Services to Add D/B/A Fox Media Lab

Privately held Fox Media Services, (FMS) announces, a company D/B/A name addition. FMS adds d/b/a Fox Media Lab. Fox Media Lab evolved from exclusively providing media services to also “creating” media. They have experimented with many internet business models, most recently UBZ2.COM. Fox works on several Internet incubations at any given time. - March 12, 2007 Your Schedules

We have designed UBZ2 to be the Nassau traffic cop for a network of 50 Sports and Activity Scheduling Portals. Here a member can enter their own practice and game schedules, enter team stats, score results etc., get easy directions to Playing Fields or Activity Locations, provide protected contact numbers and email lists, get relevant information on their team sport or activity, Blog, create and contribute to Forums, get news on activity, buy, or sell good activity products through classifieds. - February 09, 2006

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