Client Testimonials

  • “I have always wanted to learn to sail. My wife enrolled both of us in the Learn to Sail course as a 60th birthday gift to me. It was marvelous! Great teacher, both in class room and on the water. The accommodations were wonderful at the Perry Cabin, and we had a nice weekend in St. Michaels. Looking forward to lots of sailing in the coming months and years with confidence in what I learned and the skills I acquired.”

    John Kenny

    - John Kenny
  • “I was not sure prior to starting this class if I would be truly ready to bareboat charter with confidence. My instructor Chris Cusson was so good and so patient that we really learned all the skills and then some! His calm instruction style and style to let us ‘do it ourselves’ was great!”

    Eric Seifarth

    - Eric Seifarth, Young Harris, GA
  • “I could not have imagined that I would make as much progress in the four days of classroom and practical sailing training as I did. I loved it that the instructors and my shipmates made making mistakes such an honorable way to learn. It was truly a pleasure to learn with a group of all women adults – enriching in many unexpected ways."

    Anne Orban

    - Anne Orban, Lancaster, PA
  • "This was a life-changing experience for our family (wife, son and me) that opens new horizons for the rest of our lives. The instructor was excellent and we gained needed experience and confidence."

    Jon Vick

    - Jon Vick
  • “I had had just enough experience to be hungry to learn everything our instructor had to teach. I really appreciated the instructor’s willingness to go the extra mile to make sure all our questions got answered. Great course and fun too!”

    Debbie Welles

    - Debbie Welles, Englewood, CO
  • “I did this course with my 16 year old son. Sailing the Hunter 44 alone together was the most memorable moment of my life as his father. He now has a gift that he can use and enjoy for the rest of his life. I have both a gift and a memory that will remain forever. Best father-son time ever spent.” Russ McCallian — Aurora, CO

    Russ McCallian

    - Russ McCallian