Client Testimonials

  • Kam Wong is a project manager for ISO. His group supports LOCATION®, a GIS-based tool which helps insurer customers assign important geographic risk information such as PPCTM, BCEGSTM, Crime and Wind information so that they may underwrite and rate their policies accurately. To better support the LOCATION PPC service, ISO offers customers a way to send inquiries, usually triggered by agent rebuttals, to their regional processing centers for investigation. ISO engaged Castle CRM to automate this verification process.

    Kam noted that “We used Castle to develop a new application and workflow, using SalesLogix as the centerpiece, to help us better manage our customers’ inquiries. Working with our Development group, Castle has helped us streamline and automate a process that was handled manually. Through the integration of existing tools like Outlook, Excel, and SalesLogix, we have eliminated inefficiencies in our process resulting in improved customer response times. With this process, our regional processing centers now have all the tools necessary to investigate, track, support and respond to our customers.”

    Kam also emphasized that the Castle technical staff was good to work with and were very supportive in the implementation of the new system.


    - Kam Wong, Project Manager